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Front Cover LAWKI no windowLife As We Knew It is on Kindle Countdown this week in the UK only!

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  1. I am enjoying the Transformation Project and look forward to the next book in the series. However, as you are expanding your market to the UK, I feel duty bound to point out a tiny but unfortunate typo right on the book cover: in the series title it says “Transportation” instead of “Transformation.” Please forgive me if you are already aware of this; I have no idea how complicated it is to fix cover art.

    I like the Daermad Cycle as well, and salute you for including Christian and Libertarian themes in both series. Also, in case you’re interested, your series of conversations with Becky Akers introduced me to you and your work. I liked your blog so much that I subscribed to it on Feedly.

    Best regards from a fellow Christian Libertarian.


    • I thought that had been fixed, but I will have to do some QA. Grr …!

      This is wonderful. Thank you so much for reaching out. It’s lovely to hear from fans. I hope when you’re finished you’ll put reviews on the usual sites. I would truly appreciate it.

      Becky is a wonderful lady. I need to start another series with her because I love her way of thinking. It’s also lovely to have confirmation that there are others who think as we do.

      Libertarian anarchism is deliberate in Transformation Project and will be much more on display going forward. Daermad Cycle is, of course, set in a feudal society where the main characters are seeking the One’s True King. I didn’t consciously include libertarian themes, but the Christianity of Daermad is an Antioch Christianity that never knew the Roman Catholic Church’s power structure except as something to run away from, so is individualistic and answerable to God alone.

      If you email me at lelamarkham@gmail.com, I’ll send you a free copy of “Pivot of Fate”, which is a prequel short story also set in Daermad that was published in Breakwater Harbor Books’ Gateways “Anthology.”. I’ll also add you to my email list to let you know when I publish next. Book 2 of Transformation Project (Objects in View) will come out this fall.


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