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So, Ted Cruz is dropping out of the Republic primary race, virtually guaranteeing a Trump nomination.

CNN says there won’t be a contested convention. In the same week, Bernie Sanders is promising a contested convention on the Democratic side.

Now, that would be interesting, though not as interesting as the double contested-convention I was hoping for. As I type this, Kasich has just dropped out, so Trump is the presumptive nominee … unless the GOP decides to rewrite its rules, which it can do since it is a private organization.

I don’t think Trump can beat Hillary Clinton, but I’m pretty sure he can beat Bernie because I don’t think the country has totally lost its mind … but I could be wrong, because Trump is so-far the winner of the GOP popularity contest and I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I hope everyone who is voting for Trump understands that the GOP is a private club that takes a popularity contest among the voters, but it under no obligation to actually run the candidate that the popular vote suggests.

I personally LOVE that idea. Both major parties have been in need of a house-cleaning for a long time and I think it would be fun to watch them air their dirty linens in public. But  I think the GOP old-guard knows that they will lose control to the conservatives if such a party redefinition occurs.

So, I’m still voting 3rd Party — probably Libertarian, although that could change if they nominate Gary Johnson or if upon reading the Alaska ballot when they publish it in August, I find someone I like better through my research. Remember, I’m an issues voter and really couldn’t care less about who looks “more presidential” or has the better sound-bites.

This election cycle it is really not about winning for me. It’s about principles and knowing that I did not help to elect a dictator … which is what either Trump or Clinton will be as president.

Brad suggests that if Trump wins the general, Obama will refuse to step down. Could be as he’s always come off as a potential dictator to me. If I believed conspiracy theories, I’d think the whole Trump campaign was created to give the White House to Hillary because there is no way she could actually win against a sane candidate.

Of course, if she’s under indictment for her emails at the time of the November election, it will be interesting to see what her poll numbers are then.

Just a few thoughts.

Posted May 5, 2016 by aurorawatcherak in politics

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