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Alaska is working on this issue as well and facing opposition from instructors who seem unfamiliar with the Constitution or with gun culture in general.

The biggest outcry has been at the Austin campus of the University of Texas, where students and faculty have protested and at least two professors have already resigned over the law.

One was Daniel Hamermesh, who taught an introductory economics course and said he feared that “a disgruntled student with a gun would ‘lose it,’ pull out the gun and shoot the instructor.”

“With 500 students in my class, this did not seem impossible,” Hamermesh, who now teaches at the Royal Holloway University of London, said in an email.

GunDaniel Hamermesh (and, indeed, most of the people interviewed for this article) sound paranoid to me. They live in Texas, which already has a high concealed carry rate, meaning they probably interact everyday with someone carrying a gun and they don’t even know it. I would suggest that it might actually make professors like Hamermesh more respectful of students. Most will choose not to carry, but keeping professors in the dark on who is carrying should serve to remind them that they’re not God and should afford the adults in their classes with the same respect they reserve for the professors they interact with.

And, no, I am not kidding. As an adult, post-college, I have interacted with many professors on a social level who simply believe that they have authority to run roughshod over their students. The most abusive professors tend to be the ones who fear armed students the most.

An important point to remember is that state universities are government-owned facilities and the Constitution of the United States is pretty clear that government “shall not infringe” the right to bear arms. This isn’t even a discussion we ought to be having. A right means you always have the freedom to do it. Gun control worry warts don’t seem to understand that a government-regulated privilege is not the same thing as a right.

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