Calling All Trump Supporters   11 comments

Why are you voting for Trump?

I’m curious. I am not a Trump supporter and don’t see that position changing, but I do want to know what others see in him. I don’t just assume that anyone who supports him is a nut. I think you-all must have valid reasons for your choice, reasons that largely escape me.

This is your forum to explain it to me. If I get enough responses, I’ll probably blog on my findings, so you might as well be honest and let’s see where that takes us.

Why are you voting for Trump?

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11 responses to “Calling All Trump Supporters

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  1. To send a message to the Republican party that they need to represent the voters instead of simply being tools for the Big Business donors.


  2. Does Trump have a message? If so, I think I may have missed it 🙂

    More the middle finger thing.

    I do admit, though, that I think Trump is hilarious. I know that a lot of people get outraged when they listen to him; I laugh when I hear him. He’s a much better comedian and entertainer than I ever realized.


    • He’s also a good speaker. My husband and I listened to his speech at AIPAC last night and it sure didn’t look like he was using a teleprompter and it was a great speech that might have won the Jewish vote.

      So do you have any expectations that he would be president?


      • Regarding him actually becoming president, it’s hard to say (my kindergartner broke my crystal ball 🙂 ), but I’d say the prospects don’t look great. The poll numbers are not insurmountable by a longshot, but him winning would take the full support of the GOPe. They’re so entrenched in an anti-Trump position in order to protect their own power base that I don’t think they’ll be able to effectively pivot even if they decide to try.


      • So, are you okay with Hillary being the president for the next eight years?

        Myself — I’m kind of thinking her reign will be truncated by a revolution.

        By the way, I’m voting Libertarian this fall as my middle-finger to the GOP and the Democrats both.


      • If I weren’t okay with it, I’m not exactly sure what I could do about it at this point, but really, one person in the pocket of Big Business donors is about the same as another person in the pocket of Big Business donors.


  3. Interesting comments!


  4. My reasoning for voting for Trump is multi-faceted.


    1. He has a better chance of winning than the others
    2. Young people know about him
    3. Because everyone thinks he’s an idiot, it will be harder for him to enact sweeping new legislation that is bad for the country

    Long version:

    First, I don’t see any other candidate having a snowballs chance in Hell against Hillary or even Sanders, the GOP is to entrenched in its own position and apparently incapable of change. On the other side of that, Trump is different, very different, he knows how to say what he actually means, not just put it in indecipherable voter-ese. But statistically he also appeals to a large portion of the disenfranchised population, such as young voters. And everyone has it backwards, his idiotic antics aren’t all stupid, think about it, which candidate has gotten more press this election than any other? Trump, because everyone just can’t stop reporting on him, so everyone knows about him, even my peers (20 somethings) like to say “vote Trump” sure, it’s a joke, but it shows a level of political awareness that is not usually displayed.

    The other primary reason I intend to vote for Trump is because I think he’s an idiot. That statement seem like the absence of logic for a moment, but let me explain, I don’t think any of the candidates is fit for presidency, Rubio is a puppet with a young face, Cruz just says too much of the right stuff, he seems fake, Hillary should be tried for treason, and Sanders apparently missed “Economics 101”. But the thing is, it is not immediately apparent to the average layman that the above are idiots, if Sanders were elected his Socialist agenda would meet huge support. But Trump is pretty obviously an idiot, which does provide some insulation from it. While Obama has smooth talked an slithered his way around the constitution for 8 years everyone has nary said a word (that is except us “right wing extremists”) but because of everyone’s predetermined bias against Trump, I find it much less likely he would get anything extremely stupid through congress.


    • Interesting analysis!

      I would also note that he’s beginning to sound a lot more presidential. We’ve been watching some of his speeches and a presser he did at a hotel opening — the Old Post in DC? Obviously, this was complete unscripted and he sounded intelligent, prepared, knowledgeable and sane. When there was a question he couldn’t answer, he noted that this was a hotel opening, not a political press conference so he wasn’t going to apologize for not being completely prepared, but … when the subject turned to the Supreme Court, he promised to produce a list of 10 potential nominees who would be the only candidates he would consider during his presidency and to produce that list BEFORE the election.

      I’m still not voting for him, but he moved me a little with that one. “You will know what you’re getting from me — on that subject — before the election.” Wow!


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