Trump Announced Health Plan   2 comments

And, it’s actually good. I don’t trust that’s what he’d actually do when in the office of President, but the promise sounds good.

Anyone with even a basic understanding of economics knows that the ACA is going to collapse under its own weight sooner rather than later. It appears to have been designed that way, probably to usher in fully socialized medicine and claim that manipulation is the “only way to save medical care in the United States.” Which is BS, but ….

So, I’m still not voting for him, but I will give him credit for this. His team should probably get credit for co-opting Ben Carson’s plan; I don’t see Trump actually having thought this through on his own. He’s more of a “big picture” thinker. Although I suppose it’s possible that he was listening in the debates when Ben Carson got to speak on the issue.

Five main points –

  1. Eliminates the individual mandate. Yay! For those of us who are healthy, being forced to spend thousands of dollars every year when we really only need to spend hundreds is draconian invasion into the lives of Americans. (I would note that Trump liked the mandate just a month or so ago during a CNN townhall.)
  2. Open insurance up across state lines. Yay! “As long as a plan purchased complies with state requirements, any vendor ought to be able to offer insurance in any state.” This creates competition which will drive insurance costs down and improve customer satisfaction. Going nationwide and providing price transparency worked for auto insurance in the 1980s.
  3. Tax deduction of insurance premiums. Poor people would now be able to afford their premiums. This was a Ben Carson idea, but it works.
  4. Health Savings Accounts that become part of individual estates and can be used by any member of a family. This allows the contributions to be passed on without being subject to the estate tax. This was another Ben Carson idea that I believe could eliminate insurance for most of the population.
  5. Federal block grants to states for Medicaid programs. Which would give states more discretion in spending and allow some innovative solutions. Alaska is not New York. “State governments know their people best and can manage the administration of Medicaid far better without federal overhead.” I still think this is an entitlement that is helping to drive federal and state debt and will eventually destroy the national economy, but it’s the current elephant in the medical office, so it did need to be addressed.

Trump also called for reforms that the presidency and Congress doesn’t really have control over — drug prices and mental health programs.

I hope he doesn’t, but I wonder how long it will be before Ben Carson speaks out in favor of Donald Trump’s health plan and throws his support behind Trump.


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2 responses to “Trump Announced Health Plan

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  1. Having done architectural renderings for thirty plus years, I’ve worked for a number of people like Trump (lesser deities, to be sure) and I will say that most of them know how to use consultants to do the actual work. No surprise here.


    • About three-fifths of his plan was taken directly from Ben Carson’s plan, which bears a great deal of similarity to my cousin Rick’s suggestions. Rick is also a neurologist and a world-class research doctor focused on MS. He points out that nowhere in the developed world’s socialized medicine countries is there the sort of innovation and research as you find in the US, but that as ObamaCare wraps itself more tightly around the system, research projects are being defunded and innovation is increasingly being called “experimental” just as he saw in Europe when he worked and studied there. We don’t realize what we’re on the edge of losing.


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