A Taste of “Mirklin Wood” #8   1 comment

I’ve enjoyed providing tidbits of “Mirklin Wood” for your enjoyment.


Front Cover RedThrough the brush, she could see the wagon on the road – two men struggled with a woman each as an infant wailed at the rough handling by a third man. A fourth stood upon the wagon, tossing its contents.

Ryanna sent to Sabre – ~Get the one on the wagon — as she rushed the one who had the baby. She sheathed her long knife, then used the pommel of her sword to batter him into unconsciousness, while catching hold of the child with her free hand. She set the little fellow down as gently as the circumstances allowed while scoring a touch on the leg of the brigand who held the baby’s mother. He howled and let the woman go to protect himself from Ryanna. The mother rushed for her baby while the brigand made the fatal mistake of taking a swipe at Ryanna with his dagger.

Should have gone for his sword, she thought as she ran him through.

The third man tossed the younger woman aside and drew his sword. Taller than Ryanna by half a head and outweighing her by several stone, he also wore a much-patched mail siarc while she wore only a leather jerkin. As she blocked his first cut on her blade, she knew she was in a fight for her life.

Against his weight and strength, she had speed and a long knife. They circled, feeling out each other’s weaknesses. He feinted. She brushed it aside. He cut. She sidestepped.

Heavier tires quicker. Keep him dancing.

She parried another cut, feeling his power through her arm up to her shoulder. In a mob, she’d never have selected such an opponent, but here she was … alone and responsible for these women.

His breath came harder, but she felt his blows more heavily. She feinted with the sword. He parried and she cut up into his left side with the long knife. Blood blossomed under the mail. His eyes widened as he saw his death in her face. She drove her sword into his gut up to the hilt and lowered him to the ground upon the blade, killing him with the withdrawal.

Behind her, she heard the sound of steel leaving leather and knew she’d made a fatal mistake.  She’d spent herself too early. She turned as she heard the footsteps advancing, raised her long knife to block the sword, saw the shield coming round …


Mirklin Wood is on pre-order. The first book in the series The Willow Branch is available on Amazon and other fine book retailers.

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