Are We Stupid, America?   9 comments

Super Tuesday ought to show us whether this country has truly gone off the rails. I’m holding my breath, hoping I’m wrong, but I increasingly can’t believe my own hopes.Either Hillary or Bernie will be the leader in the Democratic race. She’s and incompetent liar in the pocket of Wall Street who plays fast and loose with state secrets.

Image result for image of donald trumpEither Hillary or Bernie will be the leader in the Democratic race. She’s and incompetent liar in the pocket of Wall Street who plays fast and loose with state secrets. She may well be under indictment by the time of the general election. Oh my!

Bernie — aw, Bernie — sweet old deluded grandfather who has failed to learn from history that socialism doesn’t work because sooner or later those who pay the bills run out of money and rebel. If he were to win, we’d be $22 trillion in debt when he took office and he’s promised the electorate the moon. He can’t afford anything but moonlight and he hasn’t got the skills to balance the budget (although truth be told, maybe nobody does).

The Donald may well win Super Tuesday. Are we stupid America? Really, are we total lunatics or did IQs drop sharply during the Obama administration? Or maybe it’s just been a long, slow slide since Woodrow Wilson.

So here we are, standing on an event horizon and by Wednesday morning, we’ll know the answer to my Are we stupid? questions. But let’s say Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz comes out victorious. They’d have a fight against Hillary, but the contrast would be sharp against Bernie. And ….

$22 trillion in debt when they take office.The economy is stalled. Sure, it “grew” slightly last month. It’ll cycle back down next. The results of that sort of anchor on the economy were predicted during the Bush 2 administration. We were warned, we did not listen, and here we are. The next president has to deal with it. Declaring that it doesn’t matter and going full-steam ahead will not fix the problem. It’s highly possible that none of current frontrunners could fix this problem.

Maybe I’m wrong. My mom certainly thought America’s days were numbered during the Carter administration and we’ve hung on for 40 more years. But we’re in a whole lot more danger in 2016 than we were in 1980. Back then, the people were smart, full of common sense and they’d been through the Depression. Today …?

Are we stupid, America?



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9 responses to “Are We Stupid, America?

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  1. I’m afraid we are definitely stupider (by the student scores) than the populations of those “democratic socialist” countries. We’re 35th in math, 23rd in reading comprehension and 27th in science. They also have longer life expectancy, lower infant mortality, universal health care coverage and higher scores in the areas of personal liberty and freedom of expression. Good thing for us that socialism doesn’t work, or we would be in some real trouble! Those Dutch people must be just about ripe for revolt.


    • With all due respect, Mikey, I don’t think you have any idea what liberty is.

      In those countries you are referencing, almost without exception, the government decides what “rights” you are allowed to have and it can take away those government-regulated privileges whenever it wants. People have been massaged into believing that universal health care is a liberty and that government benefits are a substitute for actual freedom to do what you want for your own benefit. They’ve been without liberty for so long that they complacently accept the status quo … except where they’re starting to wake up and examine what classical liberty really was. Take a look at the libertarian movement in Europe sometime. They are not exactly ripe for revolt, but they’re starting to think about it.


  2. I’m going with stupid. Back when the Obama was running, every single person I talked with who were voting for that idiot were doing so because; “I want to make history by voting the first black president in office.” And that is stupid. Hillary is so deeply embedded in the likes of Monsanto and other corporate criminals if that won we can kiss humanity goodbye. Trump card only has self indulgence or keeping people down mentality. But he is also the only candidate with proven financial ability. But he is also the most likely to start a world war. What’s left? Career polished politicians? But if you vote for me, I’ll fire everyone in Washington and kick all those lobbyists out. We start back with the basics by have Americans cast votes instead of some electoral college, because they all got fired.


    • The problem with that is that the president doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to fire everybody in Washington. A lot of what we consider to be the executive branch is actually authorized by Congress – the entire EPA apparatus, for example. Only Congress can discontinue the administrative state by controlling the funding, but Congress …. they’re not willing to do anything that might lower their approval rating below 8%.

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  4. I don’t think the voters on the GOP side are stupid…they are really mad and it shows by how popular Trump is. We’re tired of being pee’ed on and being told it’s raining.

    Trump is a multi-billionaire. He doesn’t need this job. I think he really loves America and wants to fix it for his/our kids and grand-kids. Sure he’s bombastic and has a big ego, but you have to have these attributes to run for President.


    • And therein lies the problem. Angry people make emotional decisions rather than rational ones.

      A long time before Marco Rubio started calling Trump a con artist, I thought Trump reminded me a great deal of my father-in-law — another bombastic egotist who has made millions for himself at the expensive of anyone who ever trusted him.

      Trump pretends to love the country, but in reality, he loves himself and he loves money. If the country can make him richer, great. So he settles the debt crisis by selling the resource rights to the federal lands to the highest bidders, turns the presidency over to his Vice President Chris Christie, who promptly pardons him for taking a 5% finders fee, and then Trump retires to some country where tinpot dictators are treated with respect and we the people end up impoverished and working as slaves for the multi-national corporations Trump has sold us to.

      That is how he has gotten to where he is as a billionaire, by the way.


    • And I do mean that with the utmost of respect for your opinion. I just believe that you have bought into a brilliant media campaign that is not at all reality. Trump is in this for himself, which does not bode well for us.


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