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PHOTO: Pictured (L-R) are Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton in Osage, Iowa, Jan. 5, 2016 and Sen. Bernie Sanders in Las Vegas, Dec. 28, 2015.I am totally opposed to socialism because I’m smart enough to realize that you can’t give everything to everybody just by soaking the “rich” and expect to achieve any sort of stability. High taxation systems are not compatible with liberty.

So Hillary is losing her national lead against Bernie Sanders. I say “Good!”

The 2016 Presidential race might, possibly, be between a radical ideologue and a conservative. Nice! Not that Hillary is not a radical ideologue, but she’s better at couching her radical anti-liberty ideals in more moderate tones, which makes it more likely that people will not recognize the liberty-death-spiral that she represents.

The hope is that the American people, confronted with the insanity of socialism, will finally see how reasonable conservative views really are.

And, if we don’t … if we prefer to become Greece … well, that won’t last very long. By the time my kids are the age I am now, I suspect we will have had a third American revolution and something other than the United States of America will exist in its place.

Bernie Sanders is a great argument for why democracy is a bad idea.

5 responses to “Dems Go Crazy

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  1. Folks aren’t going to view conservative views as reasonable until you have a more reasonable front-runner espousing them. More people vote the person over their policy positions.


    • Taking Trump out of the equation because Iowa somewhat proves that his “front runner” status is a media creation ….

      Who among the actual front runners is “not reasonable” by your definition and who among the GOP candidates do you think would meet your definition of “reasonable”. And what exactly is that definition? Do enlighten me!


      • All subjective of course, but I think of Kasich, Carson, Bush and to a lesser degree Rubio as “reasonable”, meaning they come across as thoughtful persons, less likely to choose emotional appeals over logic.

        Trump, by this standard, would be the least “reasonable”, then Fiorina and Cruz. Cruz reminds me so much of “the New Nixon” of 1968. I would cast him as a Bond villain. Just a terrific “evil vibe” going for him.


      • My take — Bush is a progressive Republican just like his father and brother who will continue the out-of-control spending that characterized both of those dynastic reigns. I oppose dynastic rule regardless, so I wouldn’t vote for Bush (or Hillary, for the same reason). I like Carson personally and believe he would be very analytical as a president (compared to the ideologue we currently have in White House). I think he may be the least statist of the candidates as well. Kasich is an actual fiscal conservative with a long history of showing that. Rubio sounds an awful lot like John Kennedy and I suspect he’s right about with him on fiscal issues (Kennedy was more fiscally conservative than any of the Bushes). Cruz has an actual history of standing up to the Washington elites. He’s a geeky guy, but I don’t see a problem with that. I wanted Rand Paul, a fiscal conservative who understands what liberty actual means and is not interested in being the world’s police officer. But I think the nomination is going to go to Bush or Rubio, no matter what the primaries indicate. The GOP is not a fiscally conservative party and doesn’t want to install a fiscal conservative in the White House.

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  2. I’m going to reiterate my stance on this. I would LOVE to see a general election campaign between Sanders (an admitted socialist) and an actual conservative candidate. It gives a clear and more honest choice and it FINALLY allows a real conversation about the differences between the logical outcome of the two ideologies.

    Bernie Sanders stands for giving everybody everything they think they want for “free” and paying for it with … well, the rich don’t have enough income to even close our presence fiscal gap, so I think Bernie is not even thinking about how he pays for any of this in a nation that is already $19 trillion in debt.

    A Cruz, Kasich or Carson actually can explain conservative principles which are — contrary to media spin — not that radical. They’re focused on paying our bills without bankrupting the wealthy and the middle class by providing charity to everyone else.

    I believe the GOP will nominate either Rubio or Bush, who are not conservatives. Rubio may be more conservative than Hillary and certainly more conservative than Bernie, but he has shown during his tenure in the Senate that he is not a conservative on pretty much any subject other than abortion.

    If Bernie is the Democratic candidate, it is almost guaranteed that conservatives (many of whom didn’t vote in 2012) will return to the polls to vote against him by casting a vote for whomever the GOP candidate is. If Hillary is the candidate, conservatives will stay home if the GOP nominates a moderate.

    I’m not a registered Republican. I vote Republican when I feel like it and I no longer buy the argument that voting for a moderate Republican is better than allowing a moderate Democrat to win. I’m going to vote in the GOP primary because Alaska’s GOP allows registered nonpartisans to do so (63% of Alaska’s registered voters have no party affiliation except on the day of the Alaska Presidential Preference Poll). I plan to vote for Rand Paul, even though he has suspended his campaign. Someone else will be the nominee and then I will make a decision — vote for a conservative GOP nominee or vote for a 3rd party candidate.

    I’m still pretty certain I’m voting 3rd party in November.Give me a conservative candidate or lose my vote entirely.


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