Let’s Vote for the Canadian   1 comment

Just joking.

I don’t believe that Ted Cruz is disqualified from the presidency because he was born in Canada of an American citizen. John McCain was born in Panama to American citizens. Barack Obama was born in the United States to a non-citizen. Marco Rubio was born in the US soil but his permanent resident parents were not citizens until after his birth. Yes, presidents should be born American citizens, but our 10 earliest presidents were not technically born in the United States since it didn’t exist when they were born.

Can we stop having this conversation now? Arnold Schwartzenegger is not eligible to be president, but Ted Cruz is.

But do I like him as president?

Well, I agree with him on most issues. In fact, he has a lot in common with fellow Cuban-American Marco Rubio, except they diverge on immigration and Cruz is stronger against abortion.

He also has a proven history of standing up to the Washington elites on budget issues, so there’s hope that he doesn’t need to be liked so much that he would go to the dark side if he became president.

So, I said I liked Rubio enough to vote for him. Ditto Ted Cruz. He’s not a charismatic, but that could be a positive.

His aggressive military stance, however, concerns me … a lot … but at least he opposes spying on the American people. I give him a slightly higher ranking than Rubio for that reason.

Although I don’t like to bring in a candidate’s private life — I do have to say that his wife Heidi is an investment manager for Goldman Sachs. That has my spidey senses tingling and makes him even with Rubio.

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