How About A President Who Thinks?   5 comments

Ben Carson is my personal favorite in the GOP race. This doesn’t mean I plan to vote for him. What I mean by this is that I think I would love to sit down and talk with him. He’s intelligent, thoughtful, seems to be a nice guy and he embarrassed Barack Obama unapologetically.

Carson has never held public office so it is difficult to know what he would do in office, but I like the idea that he is a thinker. I just can’t imagine him going off half-cocked about anything and that is an excellent quality in a president, in my opinion.

I agree with him on abortion and emergency contraception only in the event of rape and incest. We need to stop the genocide for convenience, but there are times when there are medical reasons and there can be limited exceptions for that.

I agree with him on the economy. He’s not just a fiscal conservative. He sounds like a free market advocate.

I agree with him on civil rights. I don’t think anyone can argue that he came from a difficult background and he made something amazing of himself, so when he says race is no longer a barrier in this country, he has bona fides for the statement.

He recognizes that the police are not perfect, that there are those who use their power wrongly, but he recognizes a need for policing.

Again, I don’t find many conservatives who agree with me on drugs. They all seem to think prohibition works when we see that it doesn’t.

I agree with him that public education is mostly about indoctrinating kids and I support homeschooling and private education. He is absolutely right that college graduates today could not pass a 6th grade test from the 1800s; our educational standards are much too focused on things that have nothing to do with actual education. Competition would help our schools to become more rigorous, but competition only happens if you break the monopoly of the public schools on education. And he’s absolutely right that evolution requires faith just as much as creationism does. I would note that he’s the only candidate who has put his principles into action by funding his own scholarship program.

His energy and environmental policies is highly rational, as opposed to the emotional “business is evil” nonsense of candidates on the left. He recognizes that drilling our own oil and tapping our coal resources would eliminate the need to be at war in the Middle East.

Carson started out with a fairly rational, calm approach to foreign policy, but he’s tried to “toughen up” in the last few months. I think he’s doing himself a disservice and that is why he is dropping in the polls. One of his statements that I love is that we should use our brains rather than just be aggressive. I think this is Carson at his most thoughtful, before he was pushed in directions he should not go in.

He’s wrong on tariffs and largely right on regulations harm to small business. I LOVE the idea of a 5-year hiring freeze on federal employment. And I can see from his statements that he passed a basic economics course. He understands that entitlement programs are going to destroy the economy and leave a lot of people hurting and unprepared.

He recognizes that human nature fights against the relinquishment of power. I think he may be the only presidential candidate I’ve ever heard say that extremely correct statement.

A single House term of 6-10 years with no re-election? Hmm — that might work. Single term for the Senate. Yup!


He’s apparently read the Founders on gun control and is familiar with the US Constitution on the subject.

Carson is the only candidate in this race who actually knows what he’s talking about on health care. He knows it personally and professionally. And he is absolutely right that the individual mandate of ObamaCare is modern day slavery that we just haven’t recognized as such yet.

He’s also the only candidate who truly understands the danger of welfare to the poor. He’s actually lived it and found his way out of poverty.

One of his statements that I love is that we should use our brains rather than just be aggressive.


I think Carson is probably the least statist of any of the candidates. He hasn’t proven that he can do what he says he’d do in the Oval Office, but maybe that’s a reason to vote for him. Human nature being what it is, the powerful don’t like to give up their power and control, so maybe a president who has never really been a Washington power broker would actually get something done … and then retire from the field.

Carson is a possible vote for me in the GOP primary, and he ranks ahead of the others I’ve examined so far. I am not worried about his inexperience. I am confident that a man who can handle the stress of separating Siamese twins can deal with the more petty issues of politics. I think he would surround himself with smart people on subjects where he isn’t a genius and that ultimately, like any head surgeon, he would make the final decision based on the best information available.

If he were the GOP nominee, I would vote GOP. He’s the only candidate so far that I can say that about.

5 responses to “How About A President Who Thinks?

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  1. Because of constantly hawking his books at campaign stops, I tend to think Dr. Carson’s image as a thinker, redeemed by religious conversion and saved from being a violent thug by same…is a commercial, rather than the truth. I do agree he has a much more adult way of speaking than the GOP front runners. But why would a thoughtful person, ESPECIALLY a doctor, disregard the value of internship? He surely had to go through a number of them in medicine. Yet, he gets to apply for the top job in the world with no relevant experience in governing? Let him run for mayor or Congress first, to prove his worth and hone his skills. I feel the same way about all the other “no elective office experience” candidates, by the way.


    • Given the situation we’re in as a country, I tend to favor thinking outside of the Beltway box. We need people who aren’t beholding to the elites who think they know better than the regular people in how to run the country. They’ve been in charge for decades and we can see where that has lead. So, while I wouldn’t choose Trump because I think he’s a misogynist egotist who thinks the Presidential office is a popularity contest, I don’t object to him because he’s an outsider to that world. We need outsiders.

      We either effect a quiet revolution of representation or we will be forced to consider a repeat of 1776. We need a major shift and soon or we’re going the way of Rome. Our complacency must stop and we must do a wholesale replacement of leadership at the federal level.


      • We can agree to disagree. I think outsiders can be too far outside, and government is a complex system. You can’t just waltz in, say “I’m the boss now”, and expect cooperation from the thousands of employees below, the hundreds in the opposition party, and a country full of legislators who mostly paid their dues and earned their way in. They’ll all view you as having gained the office unfairly.

        But I like the idea of quiet revolution. It’s why I support Bernie Sanders.


      • Oh, wow, we will have to agree to disagree. Bernie Sanders has zero understanding of economics. But hey, the good thing about the utter economic disaster his policies would assure is that in the vacuum that follows, people might actually ask themselves “what happened” and turn away from socialism in a powerful and lasting way.

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