Gary Johnson may well be my general election presidential vote for 2016 since I don’t really expect the GOP to nominate Rand Paul as their candidate even if he were to perform strongly in the primaries.

As with every candidate I’ve examined, I don’t wholly agree with him and that’s okay. His abortion stance is similar to the stance I held before I had children — that abortion is acceptable until viability and that nobody should be forced to pay for someone else’s abortion, even if it is through taxation. I now consider convenience abortions at all stages to be murder. But I’ve said, I don’t choose a candidate on a single issue and the fact that he wouldn’t force me to pay for someone else’s abortion is acceptable to me.

I agree with him that the government should keep its hands off the economy. I agree with him on cutting entitlements and defense. He supports gay marriage, which I strongly oppose, but he wants government out of marriage entirely, which I can accept.

I oppose corporations having crony relationships with government, but I believe we need to lower, eliminate the corporate income tax in order to create real jobs. Cut government spending so taxes can be lowered on everyone and the economy will recover and pay down the debt without government assistance. We were almost debt free as a nation in 2000 using a compromised version of this ideal.

We are in philosophical agreement on crime and the legalization of marijuana, though we disagree on some details.

We agree that education is best if it is at the state or local level and that the federal government ought to get out of it altogether.

We largely agree on energy issues. He would turn environmental issues over to the states. YES! That was what the authorizing act of the EPA says should be done, by the way.

We agree on foreign policy. The US can no longer afford to shell out billions that are not in US interests.

He would eliminate tariffs and trade restrictions, but also eliminate corporatism. He would let businesses make their own decisions. He is strong on government reform, term limits, and states’ rights. He is actually find with unlimited corporate campaign donations, but with full disclosure. I need to think about that, but it’s not a deal breaker. We agree that gun control is completely ineffective at saving lives and unconstitutional.

Government-managed healthcare is insanity and ACA is unconstitutional!

He would end spying on US citizens, questions our troop investment in Europe, and abolish the TSA. Yay!

He’s an open borders guy and I will struggle with that because I think people have a right not to be invaded.

He’s right that governments do not create jobs, businesses do. We largely agree on entitlement reform, though I would only means test if those who are considered above means have their actual investment returned to them.

I’m not sure how I feel about a 23% national sales tax to eliminate the IRS and income tax. More thought would be required on my party.

I mostly agree with him on military issues and his opposition to nation building resonates with me.

So I might vote for him in November … or it is possible I’ll just write in Rand Paul.


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  2. Don’t really hear much about him.


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