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Marco Rubio is an attractive looking man who seems also to be well-spoken and polite. We could do worse. He’s also a Latino who speaks Spanish, so would appeal to the “color” coalition.

But I’m an issues voter, so putting all of that aside and looking at Marco Rubio like I liked at Barack Obama in 2008 — I could vote for him in the general election, except …

Dang! There’s always an exception.

First, I have to thank him for rebranding the EPA. The Employment Prevention Agency is a much more accurate meaning of the acronym. That was priceless.

For the most part, I agree with Marco Rubio on almost every domestic issue and I understand his immigration policy, though I don’t really agree with it. Waiving clear violations of immigrant laws just encourages greater law breaking and more illegal immigrants. But, I don’t disagree with him enough on that issue to vote against him. Then Rubio gets all hawkish on the military and I hit pause.

The United States is broke! We’re $19 trillion in debt and by the time Barack Obama leaves office we’ll likely be around $21 trillion in debt. We cannot afford to expand our military or get involved in another war that we have neither the inclination nor the resources to win. ISIS is tearing up Iraq and Syria and some other Middle East countries. That’s a tragedy, but the United States does not need to be involved in that. In fact, I think we’d be better off stopping the drone strikes and manipulation of governments. Concentrate on defending our own borders. We can do that and fix our domestic issues. We don’t need to get into another war.

I also disagree with him on the need of the government to spy on its citizens.

Rubio is a fiscal and social conservative, but there are some issues that concern me.  So, would I vote for him in the primary? No. Would I vote GOP in the general if he were the nominee? Hmmm….. not sure. Probably not, but maybe.


5 responses to “Vote for the Good Looking One

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  1. You and I perhaps are looking at Rubio the same. I like much about him but also dislike. It balances me to maybe also. It comes down to who the best of the worst, being all political agendas will probably screw us over… Again. It’s like voting for a caterpillar hiding inside a cocoon. You think it will hatch into a beautiful butterfly but emerges as a moth. GOP yes. That last ideological idiot turned out to be a disaster. Even the people I know who were hell-bent knowing he was going to be the man of change tell me now they wished they never would have voted for him.


    • I am not an automatic GOP voter and I actually liked Barack Obama for the first month of his 2008 campaign — until I read his book Dreams from My Father. I am wading in the libertarian end of the fiscal conservative pool, so from the get-go, there are candidates who are not going to get my vote. I will no longer vote GOP if they give us rich white men who want to increase the military budget. McCain and Mittens both lost because of that.

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      • Yes I have to agree. I was in another time an “automatic” voter and just pulled that handle. Give me liberty or give me death. Sometimes it worked out where other times it failed to give me either. Back in the early 90’s I started voting on the person not the party. That has worked out pretty well for me since. Perhaps I need to run for office. I am not a politician, groomed and taught or bought. Kicking out every lobby vote buying scum would be my first task. It seems the “party” today has the face of an ass the ass of an elephant and a scary clown rides on the back of the beast. There I said it, I guess homeland security will be knocking on my door tonight. I hope they know I have the mighty pen. Still I have to ask you. Do you want the commander in chief to have absolutely no military experience? This has been my major concern about the last one who commands such a formable force as the US military. Look at the catastrophe Obama has brought us into. The guy really never had a job in his life.


      • I have grown anti-military aggression during the Obama administration. His drone strikes on American citizens who he labeled terrorists haven’t set well with me. I really think we need to start withdrawing from our military empire. We should concentrate on HOMELAND security that doesn’t involve spying on American citizens. I think we’ve had that thought of “we need a military-trained commander in chief” since Eisenhower ran and I just don’t buy it. The president should be listening to the Joint Chiefs, not making command decisions. We’ve had lots of presidents who did not have military experience and did fine … usually at keeping us out of war.

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