Why Not A Fiscal Conservative?   3 comments

I like John Kasich and would not object to him as President.

We agree on social issues like abortion and I suspect we could sit down at a Bible study together and not argue overmuch. I don’t require my presidential candidates to agree with me spiritually, but I feel better about their moral guidance when they believe the Bible.

I don’t agree with him about an amendment to prevent gay civil unions. I’d rather see us get the government out of marriage altogether.

I largely agree with him on civil rights. The battle was won a long time ago, but it will never be over so long as people of color keep insisting they are still owned something for what their ancestors suffered. This American Indian doesn’t want to be paid off. I just want to be free to pursue my liberty.

Kasich is a proven fiscal conservative, part of the Contract with America, whose policies as governor fixed a mess in Ohio. I think he has the best record on the economy of any candidate in the 2016 race. He clearly was awake in classic economics class and he votes according to his economic principles, including opposing ethanol (a touch choice for the governor of a farm state).

We don’t agree on prison reform, but then I don’t think I agree with any actual conservative candidates on this subject. I am not anti-death penalty (some criminals have done things that deserve death), but I have seen too many cases where DNA decades later proved the accused didn’t do it that I only support the death penalty in very narrow cases — serial killers, serial rapists, and serial paedophiles with overwhelming physical evidence supporting their convictions. I also think we lock up way too many people and that criminals ought to be forced to recompense their victims and prison prevents that.

I don’t think prohibition works, even though I oppose the use of alcohol or intoxicating drugs. The government needs to get out of the way and let private individuals and groups handle the alcohol and drug crisis in our country. So while we agree philosophically on the issue, we have a different pragmatic stance.

I am strongly in favor of school choice and any attempts to break the government monopoly on education is a good thing. Kasich has been rock solid on this front and I appreciate that.

I agree with him on the environment. The environmental movement has largely been the camel’s nose in the tent of tyranny, using government to force businesses and individuals to act against their own best interests in order to assuage an ill-informed and histrionic slice of the population. It has allowed the federal government to grow immensely powerful at the expense of individual and local liberty.

We agree on gun control. A natural right to bear arms pre-exists the Constitution of the US, so government has nothing to say about it — or should have nothing to say about it.

Largely I agree with him on government reform. Government, especially at the federal level (and that is the only area where the President should have any say) is too big, spends too much money and takes away too many liberties. Term limits and a balanced budget would help.

Governor John Kasich.jpgWe agree on health care and he has a proven record in that department. I agree with him on entitlements. I would limit welfare to two years and require proof of recipients to be seeking work or work training to get even those two years and I would hold former recipients who suffer a job loss to the same standards the rest of us must hold to — unemployment benefits that expire within a year. If we don’t fix Social Security, my kids will have paid into a system they’ll never get a benefit from, but what’s more, I doubt I’ll get my 35-year investment back. If Social Security lasts past 2025, I will be absolutely amazed. Fortunately, I have private retirement and kids who love me.

Kasich has made some kind of more hawkish statements during this race that concern me. I see no reason to life sequestration from military spending. We have the largest military in the world. We don’t need a bigger one, although I think we probably need to audit the one we have to see why it spends so much money.

His more relaxed stance on immigration doesn’t really bother me. I don’t support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but I could live with his stance of providing a pathway to legal status for illegals.

Kasich is a fiscal conservative Republican with some (but not enough) libertarian leanings. Although I won’t vote for him in the primary, I could be persuaded to vote for him in the general election. Hopefully, his fiscal conservativism would keep him from going nuts with the military, but I don’t wholly trust that, which is why he’s not my choice for the nomination.

3 responses to “Why Not A Fiscal Conservative?

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  1. Kasich does seem a lot more rational and practical than the current front runners, but his numbers are so low if he doesn’t place second in N.H. I expect him to quit.


    • Entirely possible. My exercise here is simply to show how an issues voter makes a decision as opposed to the emotional drivel so many people let decide their votes. As I explained with earlier posts, I find Trump and Christie entertaining and I think Bernie Sanders is a nice guy — but I wouldn’t vote for them because of their platforms.

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