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No to Donald.pngPoliticians will always disappoint you. While it’s tempting to suggest they’re pawns of Satan, the fact is that they are just politicians and their focus is on votes. Votes are what drive their cranks and put them into office. Principles are secondary. That’s true of all politicians, even the ones who talk about principles a lot. Yes, some of them may have principles, but if they stick to them when the electorate wants something else, they become former politicians. A politician’s principles are only as good as the principles of the voters. As long as Americans voters have no idea what our principles are, the average politician – interested in election results – will embrace whatever we are rushing to and shouting for at the moment.

I wish I could say that the “low information voters” are the ones to blame, but I’m really wondering about the increasingly partisan slices of the electorate who reflexively vote along strict party lines for irrational and emotion reasons. They think they’re voting on principle while ignoring the fact that their candidates are not acting on principles or even keeping the promises that convinced these supposedly issue-savvy voters to vote for them in the first place.

Will you vote for Trump in the primary if he’s the front runner? Yes? Why?

That’s bandwagon voting. Everybody likes a front-runner — that’s how the GOP ended up with Gerald Ford in 1976, GHW Bush in 1988, Bob Dole in 1996, John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. But they all lost.

How about if Trump wins the nomination? Will you vote for him then? Yes? Why?

The GOP has a long history of picking duds for the nomination. It’s not just McCain and Romney. Go back and take a look. With the exceptions of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, all of the nominees were party-approved establishment choices. Goldwater was running against the Barack Obama of his era, so he didn’t really have a chance, but Ronald Reagan, product of a negotiated nomination because of a rebellion in the GOP convention, won and was a highly successful president.

Yeah, I’m angry at government too. I detest politicians and I think the party leadership of BOTH major parties is corrupt to the core. Yes, I think the whole partisan electoral system needs to be turned on its head and reorganized. And these are all reasons NOT to vote for Donald Trump.

Let’s just look at Trump for a moment, conservatives.

I hear he has declared himself pro-life. When asked who he might put on the Supreme Court, he named his extremely pro-choice sister, Maryanne Trump Barry. Politician-like?

Trump claims he’s a fiscal conservative, but he has contemplated a flat tax, the fair tax, maintaining the current progressive tax system, a carried-interest tax, a wealth tax and … yeah, he has no idea what his presidency would do if elected. Politician-like?

During the Obama administration, no issue united conservatives more than opposition to Obamacare. And, yet Donald Trump favors a single-payer health car system. So, not a conservative on three issues, but very much a politician.

Interestingly, when news of Trump’s position came out, support for single-payer health care jumped from 16% to 44%. But, wait, Republicans absolutely hated Obamacare, so why would they support single-payer when Trump is advocating for it?

For me, the arguments against single-payer health care remain the same regardless of who I am talking to and regardless of how much charisma that person wields. Health care is an exceedingly intimate decision and should not involve government bureaucrats. Europeans are permanently enslaved by the high-cost of their health care entitlement. For 15 years, I worked for a Medicaid-recipient social service agency and I have seen how really, truly awful Medicaid really truly is. Those reasons don’t change for me because some political figure espouses a differing opinion.

And yet, a lot of Republican “conservatives” are talking about voting for this PT Barnum-esque figure. Why?

Is it just that we are like ravens, attracted to the flash and too foolish to realize it isn’t food?


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