A Taste of Mirklin Wood #2   11 comments

HiFront Cover Reds heart hammered and his breath grew short. His head felt light and empty, as if he were climbing the mountains once more rather than hanging from the talons of a great wyrm.

Nay, not possible! It did remind him somewhat of the statues he’d seen of dragons, but that was a bard’s fancy and those did not fly to your rescue that often. Or did they? In some of the stories …. Stories! He was not being rescued. He was likely about to be eaten. Mayhap he could avoid that, if he was clever. He craned his neck to look above him. The beast’s sinuous neck undulated some distance above his head. Iridescent green and black scales caught the moonlight in shimmering waves. The wings hardly beat now. The beast must have set its course and found its altitude. Donyl’s lungs fought for icy cold air. His eyes had mostly adjusted to the chill and now he saw the world round him. The moonlight was inexplicably fading, but the snow-capped mountain peaks shone with a white light of their own. Tier upon tier of mountains stretched before them. The Roof of the World?

11 responses to “A Taste of Mirklin Wood #2

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  1. Reblogged this on Daermad Cycle.


  2. Did you write this? Looks interesting.


  3. Here I was getting to liking this dude -and you went and did that in the first chapter. What? Who is my hero now? Guess, I will have to keep reading.
    I love the names. To me -names help the book. Who wants to read about Tom, Dick and Harry?


    • Well, thank you. Maryn was always meant to die. He stopped talking to me after he left the tent and I couldn’t get him to tell me any more of his story.

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      • I understand that! Sometimes those boogers just stop- and what else are you supposed to do with them but kill them off. With my own stories, I use my girls friends -to help me get hair, face ideas. So I tell them it’s there story. Her best friend, I’ve killed twice now -its a running joke at my home.


      • Ha-ha-ha-ha! I put my husband in prison on death row and turned my daughter into a warrior. But I’ve also killed a few people I don’t like. I tell people “Be careful. You might end up in my next novel.” My brother thought he was the model for Maryn. Poor man! He was concerned that I wanted him dead (we actually get along fine), but I had to explain to him that the physical resemblance was actually taken from a hot actor who disappeared from public view 25 years ago after a brief stardom flameout.

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      • Oh, please I use stars for all of my men. If they are beautiful -and I can envision them in a love scene -in they go. You got to have a guy -that appeals to you -to help bring the character to life.


      • I should probably clarify — I love my husband and he does not deserve to be on death row, but he wanted to be a character in my book, so I used his physical form for one of them. Our daughter, on the other hand, could be a warrior woman … or a ballerina. Those often look very similar.

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      • Absolutely. Every love scene I do -always begins and ends with my husband front and center. He is the love of my life -and no fantasy performer could take his place -not that they would look at this old woman -but my relationship is the best part of my life (next to my Father -the kids -well, they are the best part of both of us.

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