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I love Christmas music, though I don’t want to hear it before Thanksgiving and I don’t particularly care for it in stores on infinite loop. This maybe why I do my Christmas shopping in September and October.

Many of the great European composers wrote a tribute or two to the season. We have a local singing group that does Handel’s Messiah every December. If the weather isn’t too cold, many churches run around the Tanana Valley singing in the run-up to Christmas.

I personally am not a good singer, but my family members are, so Christmas music places a large role in our celebrations. Either Brad and Bri are singing the songs or they’re playing on the stereo.

So, the question was “What are my favorite Christmas songs?” First, you should go see what my fellow blog hoppers say are theirs.

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Like so many things, I can’t really say I have an absolutely MOST FAVORITE Christmas song. I have a few.

I Heard the Bell on Christmas Day

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Silver Bells, my favorite is not by Bing Crosby, but I couldn’t find it.

What Child is This?

My mother was born Christmas Day (major gyp, right?), so I always have to say, though it is not my favorite, my mind always touches on this song for Christmas because it was her favorite.

Little Drummer Boy

Rebecca Lovell is working on a debut novel, but she has lots of short stories for you to read while you wait and something to say about Christmas music as well. Check out her blog.


9 responses to “Jing Jing-A-Ling

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  1. I’d forgotten about ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’. Yes, I like that one too. I don’t know ‘What Child is This?’.


  2. Mary Did You Know! Makes me cry everytime

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  3. I thought I got shopping done early by finishing by Thanksgiving!


    • We wear heavy winter coats this time of year. Combined with crowded stores, it’s just miserable, so yeah, I try to get it out of the way early. And I discovered most things are actually cheaper in September and October.


  4. Last year my husband started listening to Pop Christmas music before Thanksgiving. By the time Christmas came around I was ready for some silent nights. The run-up to Christmas sounds intriguing.


    • We have a pretty strict rule — nothing Christmas-y before Black Friday. Four weeks is just about as long as I can enjoy hearing the same songs over and over again. And then, the next year, I’m ready to hear them again.


  5. I soooooo agree with you about playing Christmas music ridiculous early. My husband is grateful that his store only started this week, but they’re a little more upscale and I think its just instrumental.


    • I could handle instrumental Christmas music pretty much all year long. It’s the lyrics, over and over again, that start out beloved and then just become torture. Especially when they become ear worms that just will not let you go.


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