Arguing with the Indoctrinated (Gun Control)   1 comment

This is not a political issue. It is a common sense issue! The indoctrinated fail to recognize that there are practical considerations in this debate.

“Nobody needs guns.”

“Call the cops if someone is menacing you.”

“Guns shoot people.”

“Guns increase crime.”

“If there were no guns there would be no terrorist attacks, murders, armed robberies …. ”

“People are more likely to shoot themselves or an innocent bystander than a bad guy.”

“Your gun is more likely to be grabbed by the bad guy and used against you than it is to be used by you to protect yourself.”

“Society has a right to protect itself against gun-toting lunatics and control does that.”

All of these are statements made by the indoctrinated. Yes. If you’ve ever made any of those statements, you might be one of the indoctrinated.

How can I make that rude statement? Because I’ve looked at the evidence and applied common sense to it and realized you can’t rightfully believe any of those statements without being indoctrinated.

If my use of the world “indoctrinated” angers you, it might be because you haven’t applied the same tests to your beliefs.

Let’s look at some of those statements.

Our Founders in the United States did not recognize the authority of the British Crown to control guns. It’s what prompted the “shot heard around the world.” It doesn’t surprise me at all that they put that belief into action in the government they created. The 2nd Amendment was a foregone conclusion coming for men who had the following to say about an armed society. The American Founders did not want society controlling much of anything for the individual. That’s why they prevented Congress from making laws that infringed on the liberty of individuals.

Someone is just going to take the gun away from you. Really? When I’m concealed carry, only I and maybe my husband, knows that I’m carrying. That’s the point. Nobody knows that I’m carrying, so if I need to pull for my own protection or the protection of others, it comes as a surprise to everyone. While armed guards are often the first people to be shot by mass shooters because they are recognized as a threat, the small woman taking cover with everyone else doesn’t look like a threat until she pulls a gun and unloads a clip into the back of the guy doing the shooting. I hope to never have to do that, but taking away my ability to do so is just playing into the bad guys’ plans.

People are more likely to shoot themselves or a fellow victim than the bad guy. Wow, how stupid! I’ve been handling a big hand gun (Mom’s 357) since I was 12. I have never shot myself. I’ve never had an accidental discharge of my weapon. When I participated in a rogue’s gallery shooting range, I had zero victim hits. Only people who have no knowledge of gun culture actually believe that meme. Those of us who choose to carry practice to carry. I’ve never pulled my gun on a human, but I did once have to pull on a stampeding moose. I chose to put the first bullet above her head and planned to put the second bullet between her eyes, except she veered, so I didn’t have to fire a second time. Do you think I am more likely to be rattled by gun fire or a stampeding moose? Your mistaken belief is not a good excuse for people who know what they’re doing to listen to you.

If there were no legal guns, there’d be no murders and no terrorism. Sigh! Remember 911. No shots were fired … more’s the pity. If the pilots had had guns, things might have been different. France is a national gun-free zone. Charlie Hebdo and the Paris terrorist attacks are proof that gun control that removes guns from use by ordinary citizens doesn’t keep people safe. People will simple find other ways to kill mass numbers of people. All gun control does is remove a tool of self-protection and create free killing zones.

Guns increase crime. Not true. Actually, as the percentage of gun ownership and concealed carry has increased, crime has gone down. The 1.2 million crimes in 2012 is a substantial reduction of crime from 1996, when it was estimated that guns were used 2.5 million times for self-protection.

Guns shoot people. Well, no, guns are inanimate objects. If my gun remains in the cabinet I keep it in, it cannot shoot anyone. Inanimate objects require an animate actor to do anything other than rust and rot.

Call the cops if someone is menacing you. A truism that cops are minutes away when seconds count. The average response time from 911 call to police on the scene is 22 minutes. That’s a nation wide statistics. In case you weren’t paying attention in recent mass shooting incidents — the cops pull up outside and don’t attempt to enter the shooting area. This leaves the shooters free to continue their killing. A woman in Dayton Ohio shot and killed an intruder in September. She waited over an hour for the police to show up AFTER she shot the intruder. She would have been long dead if she had waited.

Nobody needs guns is clearly ridiculous to anyone who has been in a situation where they needed a gun. When I was in junior high my mom scared three rapists away from our home. They went down the road and raped another girl. I thank my mother for having a gun. She protected my quality of life, but she couldn’t have done that without a gun, as the father of my classmate discovered when the rapists pushed themselves into his home.

I can understand if you’re afraid of guns. They are scary. I have a great respect for the force I hold in my hands. But my guns are no threat to you so long as you’re not menacing me. And, here’s the thing … I am not surrendering to your fear. I will continue to do what I know to be right for myself and my family, as is my natural right. If you are still afraid … well, it’s probably a good thing you can’t tell when I’m concealed carry.


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  1. Total Agreement and very well said!

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