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I debuted a potential cover for Mirklin Wood months ago, but I’ve been playing with the concept. I welcome feedback.

Which do you prefer?

Front Cover        Front Cover Red

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9 responses to “Cover Evolution

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  1. I like the first cover better because it leads the eyes to the figures in the distance. This is a gut reaction because I don’t know your story, but I think the figures in the second cover are too big and take over the picture. I also think the colors in the first cover are great! And something about the first cover makes me want to know more.


  2. I like the darker wood of the second (more Mirklin) but much prefer the positioning of the characters in the first. Be careful that the trees don’t look too obviously planted. I think I can see some straight lines there and that might not fit the wood’s character. I assume these are concepts at the moment as the characters look a bit ‘stuck on’.


    • Yes, there’s just concepts for now. I’d rather spend my money on editing and work with my daughter’s friend, a college art student who works (literally) for blueberries, on covers … for now. Maybe this book will make enough to afford a pro cover on the next one.


  3. Interesting what you say about the straight lines in the woods, because they’re both photographs that have been rendered into paintings. The first one (the autumn one) was taken by someone in the family, none of us is quite sure which of us took it. The “murky” one is off a government website advertising hiking trails. Could be a managed forest, though. I’ll have to look at it in a program where I can enlarge it. I think we both just assumed photograph of a real forest equals natural looking.

    The interesting thing about working with this kid is he’s teaching me how to clip images out of larger ones and place them in an arrangement. It so avoids the cookie cutter, everybody using the same images covers that are everywhere these days. I don’t consider myself an artist, but I’ve done that sort of collage work with physical media in the past and it’s fun to do it now in electronic media. That “stuck on” look is completely reparable with a couple of hours worth of work … should I decide I like the images. No use working overly hard to clean up the girl in the red cloak if I decide I like the creepy guy in the hood better.

    Thanks for the input.


  4. I’ve figured out what I meant by straight lines now. It was a gut reaction thing but actually it’s the straightness of the tracks which looks wrong. It gives the impression the track came first and then the trees were planted either side of it. If it’s a natural forest then the track will weave more through the trees. It’s also details like all the trees being about the same size indicating they were planted around the same time.
    Mind you, I might know more about trees than most people.

    A cover designer who’ll work for blueberries, eh. Lucky you!
    Just discovered if I log in using Facebook I get my real name up 🙂


    • My daughter helped me with my first cover and then she headed off to the exciting life of a gypsy bluegrass musician/migrant farm worker (ah, to be 22 and not have to pay a mortgage!) She recommended a couple of friends and this one kid doesn’t even want a copyright. We feed him when he comes to the house to work with me, he’s crashed in our back yard for part of the summer between jobs and he quite literally works for blueberries. Alaska blueberries, which don’t taste much like other blueberries and require hiking into forests with bears, so he thinks he’s getting a good deal and I know I am.


  5. PS. Identikit covers are one of the things that let down a lot of self-pubbed books, but fortunately, it’s not too hard to do decent covers or find people who’ll do them for you.


    • Yeah, I’m learning how and my husband and son are getting better at critiquing my efforts. And, really, the whole “What do you, my audience, think?” thing may be better than hiring someone for hundreds of dollars to work in a vacuum.


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