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Welcome to the blog hop and the question “What’s my favorite decade so far and why?”

Now, there are two ways to answer that question because there are two ways to read it.

First, have you checked out Stevie Turner’s blog yet? You definitely want to read about her favorite decade.

What’s my personally favorite decade that I have lived?

Well, they all have had their good points and bad points. That decade when you’re a kid is pretty cool, except that you are a kid, and there were a couple of natural disasters in my community, so …. Mixed bag. Teens are cool. I was a teen, which is a very mixed bag of glorious and suckiness, so … my dad died, high school had lots of temptations to be stupid but that was also the decade I accepted Christ and survived being stupid. My 20s had some excellent times — college was a great experience, I met my husband and got married — and some sad times — my mom died and I discovered marriage and the Christian life can have some rocks. My 30s were when I had my kids, so glorious, but mixed in with what we term “the unfortunate years”, a very dark time in our lives when we learned that God uses everything for the good of the people He has called through Christ, but that it’s not always a walk in the park under nice street lights. My 40s were sort of cool. I had a great job and Brad and I both experienced a measure of economic success … and then we decided there’s more to life than making money — a decision that had some challenging consequences. We raised a wonderful and highly entertaining daughter and got our son to the cusp of being a teenager. My great job turned sucky, so …. Mixed bag.

My 50s are going well. I have a job comparable to that great one and I have published two novels. That’s all great but the world is bent, so I don’t expect perfection. The wonderful daughter has become a gypsy bluegrass musician, which is both exciting and terrifying in equal measures for a parent. The son is an amazing young man … so far ….

So best decade for me is … not definable. They all had good parts and bad parts and I couldn’t vote for one as “THE BEST”. If I believed in horoscopes, I’d blame it on being a Libra, but I’m just not that definitive.

But let me tell you what my favorite decade in recent history is. I wish I’d lived in the 1920s.


I like my decades with flash. The music was cool, the dancing was hot, the clothes swung to the beat, and the cars had style. I like that the government of the day thought they could control folks and tell them how to live their lives, but Prohibition actually brought about an irreverent “I did not consent, I will not comply” mood for the decade. The 20s was the decade that defined my life even though I wouldn’t be born for more than a quarter century because my father was a teenager in the 1920s.

The 1920s were a time of social change and wild financial speculation. It was also when science fiction as we know it came into its own. Fritz Lang’s science fiction epic, Metropolis, was in theaters. Czech writer Karel Capek invented the word “robot,” and a group of US amateur fiction writers founded the influential pulp magazine Weird Tales featuring dark, bizarre stories of undersea aliens by a young H.P. Lovecraft. In New York, the Harlem Renaissance was in full swing, bringing poetry, fiction and jazz from the African American community into the mainstream. Slavery was becoming something that only your grandparents could remember. Women had gotten the vote and were working as journalists.

The 1920s was the beginning of youth culture and college hijinks. Young people of the era discovered a stark generation gap with their parents. Kids who had grown up with technologies like telephones, movies, and electric lights were accustomed to a radically different world than people who grew up with horse-drawn carriages and gas lamps. Why not recreate culture since times were changing so fast that each new generation seemed to grow up on a different planet from their elders?

I see a lot of parallels to our own era — which might explain why the 1920s are so in vogue these days. Think Downtown Abbey. But mostly, I just like the whole mystique of it — all the flash and all that jazz.


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5 responses to “I Like Mine With Flash

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  1. Good decade! I said the 1940s. We’re on the same page with historical nostalgia! LOL


  2. I am also in my 50s and see why you think the 20s ruled. The fashion was so fun! I think it would be a blast to throw a 20s party in fact. Good pick!

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    • For me, it’s the attitude that the fashion was a symptom of. Congress and state legislatures had conspired to take away people’s liberty to live life how they saw fit. Instead of just complying, they resisted by living life to the fullest. There were unfortunate consequences in some cases, but at least they weren’t blindly complying to the powers that be. And then we woke up and repealed the 18th amendment.


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