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Welcome to the blog hop. This week’s topic is — what is my secret pleasure?

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I talk a lot about our outdoor life here in Alaska. I love photographing wildlife and flowers, picking berries, and camping under the midnight sun. I accept that my husband likes to seek out great views and that means hiking to ridgetops. I love the flavor of wild-caught salmon in the middle of the winter.

Ah ….

But, my favorite part of going camping is ….

When it’s over.

My favorite indulgence is a ritual I undertake when we get home. Yeah, there’s unloading the Jeep and counting kids and dogs to make sure everybody made it home … but after that, there’s the BATH.

I unplait my braids (I always braid my hair tight to my head before going out into the wilderness because it keeps it from getting tangled in branches and it’s way easier to deal with when I get home), take a quick shower, shampoo and soap, rinse and then, as soon as the dirty water is down the drain, I drop the plug in and fill the tub with the hottest water I can stand. I condition my hair, pile it on top of my head, grab a bottle of cold water and submerge myself to my chin.

When your husband is nicknamed “Ridgewalker” you expect sore muscles after a hike. There’s something about climbing the equivalent of a 50-story building that will do that to you. I rub kinks out of my calves and thighs, relax, think about writing (always thinking about writing), and generally don’t do anything until I feel sweat standout on my nose and then see dirt floating on top of the water.

It’s a uh dirty little secret that they don’t tell you, but it takes about 20 minutes of soaking in hot water for your skin to let loose of the dirt you have in your pores. Showers don’t cut it. I shower for ordinary life, but after a outdoor excursion (which is typically three days sans bath), I take a nice long soak. It’s relaxing, it gets me really clean, and it provides a transition between our outdoor life and our “real” life of paying the bills and cleaning the kitchen.

OPDEC Wattpad Title BarSometimes I get really decedent and add lavender oil to the water or an oatmeal infusion. Sometimes I masque my face and these weird scaly patches I get on my triceps. And always I wait until that skim of dirt appears on the surface of the water.

Then I pop the plug and take a quick rinse shower, sometimes wash my back with this long mesh cloth we have, dry off, wrap up in a great terry cloth robe and … I’m home. I can sit down and journal my experiences, write a scene to a novel or have hot chocolate or tea and watch a Netflix show.

Ah — indulgence!


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