Wrong Side of History   7 comments

Wow, that happened faster than I thought it would!

State forbids pastors calling homosexuality ‘sinful’.

There’s this small part of me that wants to be hopeful, to say that this will go to the Supreme Court and the SCOTUS will rule on the side of liberty that ALL Americans have freedom of religion and speech.

But ….

I suspect the days when American Christians could expect to be treated fairly under the law are over and it’s time for us to accept that we can be on the right side of history or the right side of the God of history, but we can’t do both. It’s unfortunate that Christians are being shut out of the culture. It is unfortunate for the culture because it desperately needs to hear gospel truths. Morality is a rapidly shifting slope when there is no foundation for morality and that is where this culture is right now.

But being shut out of the culture is also not necessarily a bad thing from a Kingdom perspective. The early Christians did a whole lot more to spread the gospel when the Roman Empire was actively trying to kill them than Christians in America have done in the last century and a half when we had all the freedom in the world to talk about what we believe.

The question is — are we going to obey the laws that men put upon us or are we going to obey God’s laws? We can’t do both when man’s laws fundamentally disagree with God’s laws.

How should then we live?

Christians, we should know this, even if we would prefer not to live it.

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7 responses to “Wrong Side of History

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  1. As a homosexual (something about that word feels so negative and I hate calling myself that) I think that is ridiculous! The bible says it is a sin, and there’s no debating. Whether people believe it is a sin or not is up to them to interpret. Personally I would conform to society on this one. Homosexual marriage has no impact on Christians whatsoever. It won’t doom the nation. Last time I checked, same sex marriage was legal in Canada for quite some time and there isn’t much turmoil there. I don’t want to force you to like it. Just accept it. I dislike this new law. Forbidding pastors to say it’s a sin? Stupid. Where’s the freedom of speech?!


    • Thank you, Kria, for your statement.

      So what do you think a Christian who owns a bakery or is a photographer/florist/tailor should be allowed to do when a gay couple comes to him/her and asks for wedding services?


      • It is now the law. I think they should agree to it, simply because of what could happen if they refuse. I’m against the huge fines they must pay if they refuse, but it’s the risk they have to take. I don’t see how they refuse anyways. As long as they aren’t the ones getting married, I don’t see how it affects them. The bible is also against interracial marriage, and I don’t see them denying services on this basis. Sure, a few may provide services but say, “this is wrong. I don’t condone it personally”. And I think that’s what Christians should do today. Jesus never turned away anyone. Whether they were sinners or not. If you are more open in your opinion of same sex marriage, I’d go so far to say that the actual MARRIAGE part is not a sin. The act of having sex is the sin.

        To sum it up, I think Christians should move on from this issue. There was once a big hoopla over interracial marriage. That has died down. Refusing service to gays, disowning them, kicking them out of the house, and insulting them only brings more contempt for the Christian community. Accept others and they will accept you.


      • Thank you for being willing to dialogue on this.

        The Bible is NOT against interracial marriage. “There is neither Greek nor Jew” (Galatians 3:28). Anyone claiming otherwise was taking the Bible out of context. The Israelites were to remain separated from their Canaanite neighbors not for racial reasons, but because idol worship would distort Judaic religious practices and beliefs, including worship before idols in the form of sexual acts. In the Christian era, Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians were free to marry one another. The idea that they weren’t was evidence of society reading into out of context Bible verses what they wanted it to say.

        But there’s really no clearer statement than “There is no Greek or Jew before the Lord”, except maybe “Flee sexual immorality.” (I Corinthians 6:18) Interracial marriage was never a sin. The bar was always against interfaith marriage, which is a completely different topic.

        Homosexual activity, like all sexual immorality, is a sin and the Bible is very unequivocal on the subject.

        You are right that the act of standing before a government employee to receive a legal document that says you can now get a tax break for having sex with one another is not a sin as such. Neither is the state of being a homosexual a sin. It is the sex act itself (outside of covenant marriage) that is a sin.

        I have more to say, but real life is calling, so I’ll be back later.

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  2. Reblogged this on Dak's Bays and commented:
    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. [George Orwell]


  3. I want to thank Kria for her willingness to post on this topic. A lot of people assume that I hate gays and want to see them driven from society, but if you’ve read my blog, you should know better.

    I have a couple of lesbian friends, coworkers from my social work days, and I would not want to see them pilloried or prevented from having sex with any consenting adult. However, the “just accept and approve of our lifestyle” is not a choice I or any Biblically-grounded Christian can make without violating God’s law, which is a sin equal to the act of homosexual sex itself.

    It really comes down to this. In a secular sense, we all have the right to have sex with any consenting adult. Regardless of what the law has said in the past, that was always our right — in a secular sense.

    Christians are called to obey a higher law — God’s law, which includes constraints against sexual immorality, including homosexual sex. We can and probably should ignore what secular society deems to be good and acceptable. Paul said for us to ignore it (1 Corinthians) and concentrate on our own community, but we are supposed to judge and discipline our fellow Christians so that Jesus’ bride (the churches) is ready for His return. When we read the command to Flee Sexual Immorality, the words used there are so strong and specific that it’s not an option for Christians to just personally opt out of having immoral sex and turn a blind eye to what our fellow Christians are doing. We can’t condone sexual immorality, even when it occurs in secular society, among non-Christians. We can accept that it is a part of the society we live in, but acceptance of that reality should never cross the line into approval of it.

    We can’t say homosexual sex is not a sin and we shouldn’t be participating in pagan ceremonies that attempt to sanctify that sin. Why? Because our participation sends a loud and clear message that we approve of that underlying behavior. It is impossible to SAY something is a sin when our actions SHOW that we approve.

    Which brings us to the point of my post. American society is bent on forcing Christians not just to accept that the law acknowledges a right for consenting adults to have sex with consenting adults and to form households and call that a marriage. If accepting that were the final goal, there’d be no need for discussion. I’d go home, close my doors and live my life as cleanly before God as I can. Unfortunately, that is not where it is being left.

    Christians who own businesses are going to be required to participate in the pagan marriage rituals of homosexuals. When my lesbian friends send me an invitation to their weddings, I have to make a choice — do I honor my friendship with them by attending and therefore approving of their marriage or do I honor God’s command to Flee Sexual Immorality by not attending? I will respectfully decline to attend — my one friend will understand because she actually “gets” what I’ve been saying. Even though she doesn’t agree, she accepts my right to choose how I should live in this world. My other friend who is a lesbian sent me an invitation a couple of days ago. She and her third partner since I’ve known her are planning their wedding for Labor Day weekend. She will be irritated when I RSVP as a decline and probably argue with me about it and I will still not attend her wedding. The law currently does not compel me to attend against my will. But if I were a florist, baker, caterer, photographer or wedding venue owner it would be a different story. I can be compelled to participate in a celebration of sin or choose to be fined and lose my business. Of course, if I photograph a gay wedding, anyone viewing those wedding photos is going to assume that I approve of gay marriage, which sends a strong message that I don’t think homosexual sex is a sin and that, therefore, God approves of homosexual marriage and sex.

    You see there is a difference between the acceptance of a legality and the approval of an immorality, but that distinction quickly becomes blurred when you’re forced to engage in activity that SHOWS your approval, even if it is against your will.

    For liberty to truly exist, we cannot compel people to engage in behavior they believe is a sin. We don’t force Jews to eat or even serve pork. We don’t ask Muslims to groom dogs. But, hey,we can force Christians to cater gay weddings.

    RIP, Liberty!


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