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LK Kelly Photo1Today’s interview is with L.K. Kelley, who has been a great supporter on Twitter. Welcome to the blog, Kim. Tell us something about yourself.

First, I want to thank you for the invite, Lela.  I am truly honored.  My name is LK Kelley, but most people call me “Kim”.  My first name is a “secret”!  Doesn’t fit my personality! 🙂  OK.  I was born somewhere in Pulaski County, Arkansas, and placed for adoption.  I was adopted when I was 7 months old on December 3, and taken to live in Fort Smith, Arkansas by my adoptive parents, Jerry and Curtis Smith.  I would get the last name of Smith! 😉  I attended grade, junior, and high school, and lived there for 20 years.  I am married to a fabulous man, Wesley Kelley, and have been for 41 years just this past June 1, 2015.  Still don’t know why he chose me, though! 🙂  We have one daughter…and I’ll tell you a little secret, now, and it’s an exclusive for you, Lela.  Some believe it is me, but what they don’t know is that the beautiful woman on the covers of all 3 of my books is our daughter, Laura!

LKKellyPhoto2 Scroll of TimeShe is indeed beautiful! And I don’t tell my legal first name either. I’m not sure what my parents were thinking. So tell us about your life.

I have worked for retail such as Sears and Michael’s, as well as attorneys and medical clinics in every office role imaginable including office manager.  In 2002, I worked as an office manager for 6 years in the lawn care business.  My Father died on the same day that I was adopted – December 3, 2002.  In 2006, I quit my position to take care of my invalid Mother who had no discs left in her back.  Quite frankly, everyone was stumped that she was able to walk at all for 20 years, but my Mom was tough, and she would never say quit!  She spent the last year and a half in her bedroom where my husband and I set the room up like an efficiency apartment.  She continued to walk with her walker until the last 6 months of her life.  She passed away on November 23, 2009.  This was during the meltdown of our economy.  It, literally, took me from 2009-2014 to find a job.  Many companies left our area, and it was sorely depressed.  I, now, work at Sam’s Club as a cashier, and truly enjoy it!  I love the people I meet, and love to help them find whatever they need! One of my favorite parts to my job is helping the disabled to shop.

I am also an avid collector of Disney Pins, Belleek Porcelain, and tea sets.  I am a professional cake decorator, professional Interior Decorator, and…well…I’ve been called a “Jack of all Trades” by just about everyone.  Oh, and I am also an office organizer as well.

At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Honestly, I had always thought about it, but never attempted it, Lela. In school, I made straight A’s +, in all my writings. I just never thought about turning it into writing until 2012, when a wonderful author, Anita Meyers, asked me if I would edit her book for her.  Editing is second nature to me, because I edited everything for my daughter while growing up, and I still do so to this day.  I hadn’t thought of being an editor, but I decided to try it.  She loved it, and thus, I became a book editor.  I have edited 2 books for her and another author, Carol Shauffel, and I am in the middle of editing for at least 2 other authors.

My first story began in July, 2013, when I woke up in the middle of the night, and out of nowhere, came an entire book fully formed in my mind.  I managed to go back to sleep, but when I woke up the next day, I started writing.  I spent every spare moment writing from July to October.  During that time, I realized that I had enough for a trilogy.  I bounced immediately from book 1 to book 2 to book 3 without stopping,  but I never told anyone that I was writing a book.  My husband, eventually, guessed, but no one else knew.  I was a little shy about it, but I wanted an honest opinion.  So, I asked my author friend, Anita, if she would give it a read, and see what she thought.  It wasn’t long, before she told me she loved it, and had no idea that I could write anything like it!  Just to be sure, I asked 2 other friends of mine to do the same.  One is a realtor; another is an Assistant to a school Principal.

I heard from both of them – fast – and both of them were stunned, and said the same thing Anita had – they couldn’t believe I could write like this!  My latter friend, who has known me since Junior High, told me that I had missed my calling all these years, and that she had never – ever – known that I could write!  And, from all 3, I had orders that I had better not disappoint them in the ending!  They couldn’t wait for book 2!

When I told my daughter, she was shocked beyond belief!  It never occurred to her that I might write a book, let alone three.  I was a bit hesitant, because I truly wanted her to be the face of my heroine, Kaitlan Seneca O’Hara.  Well, I didn’t have to ask, because the next day, she offered to be the face of my book along with her best friend who is the hero of the books.  Eventually, another friend of hers offered to be the face of my villain.  After multiple photo shoots, both in Arkansas and in Colorado (where my daughter lives), I was ready to design my own covers.  And, that’s what I did.  Each book cover’s background is from photos I took in Colorado, and with the last cover, we hiked to Hanging Lake where I took the photo that is on book 3.  And, by the way? If I can create my own, anyone can! It was a lot of fun!

I totally agree. I created my own as well with some help from my artist daughter. I wouldn’t say it’s an easy project, but it is definitely within the skills of anyone with imagination. Tell us about your writing process.

I don’t really have one, truthfully. I don’t use an outline, nor do I count my words. I never did good with outlines in school, and I hate following them. They are far too restrictive for me.  As for counting of words?  Nope.  I write quite a bit differently.  I love listening to the commentaries that come along with movies as well as the backgrounds on how they make movies.  So, I applied this same thing to my books.  While I don’t use story-boarding, outlines, etc., I do write all scenes inside my mind – then I actually act them out as if they were being made for a movie!  When I have it formed in my mind, I write.  When writing my trilogy, I had to rein my mind in before I wrote, because the scenes were coming fast and furious.

LKKelly Book 3 Banner TWWP TRILOGY
What is your favorite genre … to read … to write?

Fiction – just about anything, but I do have a penchant for the supernatural, Romance, and Paranormal, Lela.

What are you passionate about?

Truth, Loyalty, and Honesty are my biggest passions – both from others, but most especially,  from myself.

What is something you cannot live without?

My Christian Faith.  I will not live without this, and I have no problem admitting it publicly.  It makes my life better all the way around, and while I do not write Christian books, it is always within me nonetheless, Lela.

You and I are in total agreement about Christian faith. When you are not writing, what do you do?

Like everyone else, I have to work to pay the bills, Lela!  I knew, going into this, that it takes a while to establish a persona as an author.  🙂  But, in my spare time, which is truly rare these days, I love to R.E.A.D., of course.  I love movies, as well.  Growing up, I introduced my daughter to a great many genres, as well as music, and today, she is just as versatile in what she loves as am I.  We have an amazing collection of movies!  And, of course, my favorite is…what else?  Science Fiction!

Have you written any books that made a transformative effect on you? If so, in what way?

The 3rd book in my series, The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Scroll of Time ~ has to be the one book that truly transformed me.  Reading about, and listening to, other readers who didn’t like outcomes of either an ending, or even in the middle of a series, played a great role in this.  So, I decided, instead, to listen to my own fans.  Everyone who had read my first two books told me “Don’t disappoint me with the last book!”  Each of them told me what they wanted to read – and it was all incompatible with the end I had thought I might write.  Well, that wasn’t going to be easy at all.  In fact, after everyone’s wishes were made known to me, the end had me completely stumped.  That’s when I remembered fans of TV, movies, and books who had all been disappointed, because none of the endings went as they wished.  Ideas from everyone from the typical end of a series to telling me to kill off one or two of my main characters, not to mention everything in between was truly driving me nutty as a squirrel!  All I could hope for was for something, or someone, to point me in the right direction, and I truly think that God did this for me.  Again, in the middle of the night, I awoke, and suddenly, the full last half of the 3rd book was born.  Completely written, and all I had to do was refine it.

I took all the suggestions, and molded them into one, final, slamdunk ending!  And, trust me — it’s not like any other ending you will read.  The first reviewer placed her review on Barnes and Noble, and I was so flattered, it humbled me.

Where do you get the inspiration for your novels?

There is only one, Lela.  Because, truthfully, I have no idea where they come from if they were not given to me by the Great Man upstairs!  It’s the only thing that accounts for why I wake up in the middle of the night, or am in the shower, because that’s when they all come.

I get my best ideas filing at work or driving to Anchorage (400 miles one way). Maybe it’s the alone-time with our Savior. What sort of research do you do for your novels?

I have been studying the supernatural genre of werewolves, vampires, elves, aliens, mysteries, mythology, time travel, and many other things for years, so a lot of it comes from my studies.  I also am an administrator for an online site known as “Atlantis Rising Forums”, and have been a member since 2001.  On the forums, we had active searchers for Atlantis, as well as many other mysteries, and mythology.  After 14 years of meeting such great minds, as well as my own studies, I draw upon this knowledge, and while some things might be set in stone, the fact is that with myths and legends, I can get away with “tweaking” them for my own, creative works.

If someone who hasn’t read any of your novels asked you to describe your writing, what would you say?

I have actually written a blog about my writing.  It is not out of the realm to say that a great many, if not most, supernatural/fantasy books are #targeted to teens between twelve and eighteen. Many women between the ages of eighteen and sixty are either publicly, or “secretly”, #readers of supernatural/fantasy teen books.  However, it is not just teenagers who like to see themselves as a “heroine”, but they would like to receive “supernatural powers”, too, but with adult #themes.  What they want added is far more intense, and explicit, writing which would not be appropriate for teenage books. Because I realized that I was not alone in these same wants, I wrote The White Wolf Prophecy: Mating, Book One (a Trilogy) to be followed by a fourth supplemental book in the line – The White Wolf Prophecy: Children of The White Wolf. I specifically incorporate not only the supernatural/fantasy, but adult themes for women..  This includes #love, #romance, laughter, #sex #scenes, supernatural abilities, family, #evil, and so much more.

LKKelly Photo 4 SWIRLYFOR GOOGLEAfter speaking with several #women within this age group, I discovered a great need for supernatural/fantasy books for adult women.  One of the best examples of this as fact is the huge popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Women want so much more than a teenage book can deliver. I believe my book is exactly what they want based on research, the reviews I have received, and the excitement for the second book before the first proof book was ever received. I, also targeted this age range, because as our population ages, the majority of readers will be within this age group, and will be buying most all books.  And, this is something everyone needs to consider seriously.

Based on #5-star #reviews received from women, as well as a man who asked to read and review it, the excitement for Book 2 has brought forth begging me for Book 2 – The White Wolf Prophecy: Hall of Records.  They cannot wait to find out what happens.  Also, those who have read the first two #chapters in the PDF supplied online have been excited, want more, and want to purchase the book.  All of the reviews just reinforce the proof that women’s desire for their own supernatural books is wanted en masse, but with more romance, sex in detail, #danger, evil, a true plot, along with character #development that moves along
LKKelly Photo 5 Curse 1-4=KimKelly-medIn addition, many women have wondered, and asked me, why only teenagers are given “supernatural powers”, and at such young ages. It is strange to them that “supernatural #powers” should be given to those who are  teenagers, have not experienced #life, and do not have the ability to wield them.  It has not been lost on adults that  teenagers are just about the only available books with adults who appear either dumb, or the parent(s), or adult in their life, cannot handle the supernatural world, and the teenager(s) hide the fact from the adults in their life when the opposite should be the case.

This is not to say that the teenage books do not have their place. An adult woman, however, should not need to resort to books for teenagers due to the lack of #mature books.  My intent was to merge all of these ingredients into a book series for women adding full, mature themes.  Thus, in my book, “supernatural powers” do not come into being until the age of twenty-seven when my #heroine, Kaitlan, receives her “supernatural powers”.

The book is an entirely different twist on the supernatural world of fantasy with #werewolves, #vampires, #elves, as well as #humans.   While it revolves around werewolves, a curse cast thousands of years before changed the world which changed all the supernatural races.  The White Wolf Prophecy is the key upon the appearance of The White Wolf.  The races of Earth are in #clans. Vampires have a partial cure where they do not need blood all the time, the ability to go out into the light, function normally, and can eat real food.  Elves hold all the secrets, and a human becomes supernatural.
The White Wolf Prophecy: Mating, Book One, holds all the elements of the supernatural fantasies for adult women who feel they have very few choices. Based on my research, I believe that my book gives adult women exactly what they are craving. Love, romance, #mating, sex, danger, evil, and supernatural powers are all inclusive with a mystery plot, and heavy character development that is not stagnant.  And, an ending in Book three that will blow all of it out of the water!
There is a huge, untapped #market for women in supernatural/fantasy #books.  And… I decided to tap it!

LKKelly Photo 5 LAURA, WIN, WOLF COVER TEMPSMOOTHEDAre you a plot driven or character driven writer? Why?

This is a really great question.  For me, one cannot write without a character in a plot, or the plot around the character.  In other words, I believe they go hand in hand, and it is why one cares about the characters. One cannot identify with a plot in general, but if you weave the two together in a seamless way, then the plot and characters become believable and you care for them.  And, isn’t that the way one is supposed to write as well?   Karen Moning is the writer that influence me the most, along with Quinn Loftis.  These writers do not differentiate the plot with the character, but instead, merge their characters so intricately into the plot that you automatically cannot split them into either/or.  George Lucas and Peter Jackson did this as well.  Their characters (Lucas in Eps IV, V, & VI), and Jackson merge so beautifully within the plot, and the plot surrounding the characters, they merge together into a story.  I don’t believe in looking at a story from a plot POV nor a character POV.  I prefer to merge them into one so that one cares about the characters, and the background compliments them.

What point of view do you prefer to write, and why?

I’ve considered, and read, all POV’s.  While I really do like first person, it limits the writer to what others are thinking.  However, there are some who use their chapters to shift back and forth between characters for their POV.  But, I have no plans to do this at this point.  Perhaps I may do so in my next book series.

Do you head-hop?

I have never read any book which did not have this except perhaps in the first person.  There are times you need to use it.  While I don’t do that a lot in my novels, there are certain times to use it such as when characters are in deadly situations.

However, I use dialogue, but I don’t head-hop within certain “scenes”.  As I said…I think of books in “scenes” like a movie or TV show.  I like to write what the other person is thinking, but not back and forth several times in a scene. That’s not necessary.  However, I’m sure I’m just as guilty of it as other writers at some point.  I don’t really keep track of these things, because I write from my gut and imagination as if someone is filming it.

I’m going to drop you in a remote Alaska cabin for a month. It’s summer so you don’t have worry about freezing to death. I’ll supply the food and the mosquito spray. What do you do while you’re there and what do you bring with you? If you’re bringing books, what are they?

Wheeeee!  Never thought about this. Let’s see…how about an old-fashioned typewriter in case there is no electricity, a ream of paper, warm clothing, and with no way to get internet?  I’d still bring my Kindle to read my books, my iPad to read my iBooks, a few extra charged up emergency batteries for both, and my copies of the Fever Series, Lord of the Rings, and my Bible just in case the batteries poop out on me!

Talk about your books individually.

The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Mating ~ Book 1


The White Wolf Prophecy

When The White Wolf appears,

All that once was,

Will yet again be,


Beware that danger is not past.

Evil still present,

Will cause to suffer,

That which is,

To not last.


Find The One, who cursed our worlds,

Or succeed in task will he.

For if he wins, the second time,

Our fate, forever, will be cast.



LKKelly Photo 6 twiitterFINALGRAYFRONTWWOLF~ ~ ~ And, so, the Prophecy begins ~ ~ ~

Evil exists everywhere, and in every supernatural book.  But, I opted to completely rip up the stereotypes of werewolves, vampires, and elves.  This book begins the White Wolf Prophecy.  The prophecy is ancient, and an evil villain, Zanack, somehow got his hands on an ancient scroll, and cast a curse to alter the future.  Unfortunately for him, though, he goofed up, and cast it wrong causing severe damage to the supernatural world, but not in the way he wants.

Current day finds 26 year-old, Kaitlan Seneca O’Hara who is an Editor in her Father’s publishing house.  I chose her age for a specific reason.  I don’t really know who thought up the idea that the only age group to receive their “powers” is somewhere between 15-18 years old, but I decided to erase that stereotype, and give those powers to someone who would be able to handle them.  An adult cannot handle those things let alone a young teen.  Therefore, I chose the age of 27 for Kaitlan’s power to manifest itself.  Once she has mated with Cordone Tristan Valon, the ancient curse begins to unravel throwing Zanack’s plans out the window.

When Kaitlan is forced, by her father, Canaan O’Hara, to meet her nemesis, Cordone, she is completely in the dark that her Father sent her to him the day before her 27th birthday, and her first change.  She is quite angry because she had planned an intimate rendezvous with her fiance. While she does not know, her Father has already spoken with Cordone who isn’t all that happy about having her come, but when her Father tells him of the danger she may be in, he relents.  Kaitlan is overawed at the incredible house that she has heard about.

Once her change is completed, she is terrified, and doesn’t know what has happened, but it doesn’t take long for her to find out when she awakes after a night of running with Cordone by her side – without a stitch of clothing!

Kaitlan has 3 best friends:  Sarah Collins, her human friend, Anita Moore, and Lynne DeVane who, along with each of their mates, Sam, Dan, and Richard, the prophecy begins its journey to get rid of Zanack. And, the only thing they have to do?  Find their mates, and become one with them!  And, changes for everyone abound.


The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Hall of Records ~  Book 2


The White Wolf Prophecy (Lost Scroll)


When the White Wolf appears,

All that once was,

Will yet again be,

Beware that danger is not past.


Four there were,

Four were cursed.

Four there are,

Four are blessed.


Evil still present,

Will cause to suffer,

That which is,

To not last.


The one who cursed our worlds returns,

From the beginning and to the last.

For if he wins, the second time,

Our fate, forever, will be cast

The Hall of Records is a collection of all the knowledge of Earth from so far in our past, we have forgotten it. It is believed that it exists under the Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt.  But, is that really where it is?  The final mating takes place at the beginning of the book between Lynne and Richard aka Linora and Eric.  Richard is the oldest of everyone on the great council which is now headed up by Kaitlan after her Father has been killed.  Also introduced into this book are vampires and the elves who hold so much knowledge, it transcends time.  But, the other supers do not know this.

In the book, the curse has been broken, but the discovery that the scroll used by Zanack was a fake scroll, and the real one may be somewhere within the Hall of Records.  The big question of the book is just who is Richard O’Malley?  He’s the oldest on the council save one.  The other question is just where is the Hall of Records?  Several questions abound until these questions are answered, and it is a complete surprise to the reader, so I won’t go into this too much.

Sarah comes into some powers that shows that she was no ordinary human, while the group fights hard, and fast, to find the scroll before Zanack does who is always at least one step ahead of them, and they cannot figure out why. But, why? Why would someone forge a scroll, and place it to be found while hiding the real one?  What we do find out that if they don’t take out Zanack, the fate of not just the Earth is at stake, but the universe!  The book also includes a couple of surprise characters, and a new theory as to where the Hall of Records really is and a hint as to who, and what, Zanack may really be. 


The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Scroll of Time ~ Book 3

The final book finds our characters in a state of almost panic.  A third scroll exists, only this one has to do with time travel.  Like everything else,  this scroll is dangerous.  It has a curse in it that can take one back into time, and Zanack desperately tries to get it first.  After his failure with scroll one, and finding out that in scroll two his doom is on the horizon, his only chance to recast the curse is to return to the time and place where he first cast it. And, it will take blood…lots of it to open the portal of time.   There is a race against time to get it.  However, a very strange anomaly occurs causing repetition which delays everything.  It becomes annoying.  We find out Zanack’s true identity, and his evil plans.  He hates Kaitlan with a passion, and plans on killing her along with the rest of them, but he fixates on sweet Sarah.

Kaitlan is forced to make the most difficult decision of her entire life.  How can she do what she must do, and live with herself, and will it turn her as evil as Zanack?  Is she strong enough? This book is not for the feint of heart, and there are graphic details of how, and whose blood Zanack takes in order to open the portal.

The ending is a complete surprise, and unlike most people have ever read.  The beginning of the end begins ½ way through through the book. I want to thank those who gave me input about what they wanted to see, and I didn’t want to disappoint them!  So, the ending is a tribute to those people who “warned” me to not disappoint them!

Was it your intention to write a story with a message or a moral?

Nope.  I wrote it entirely for an adventure, fun combined with true evil (and of course what would a  supernatural novel be without blood and guts?)  However, I guess there is a moral if you look hard enough. But, I just had a great deal of fun writing it for adult women!  The problem? I never imagined that my books would become popular with men!  But, they actually love it!  Big surprise to me!

What do you want readers to think or feel after reading one of your books?

I want them to immerse themselves into a fantasy world that could very well be reality.  I also want my readers to feel as if I gave them plenty of ups and downs, laughter and tears, terror and hate, and finally…  Oops! Almost gave something away! 😉

Why did you chose an Independent Publisher instead of self-publishing.

I chose this method for two reasons. One, I just didn’t have the time to self-publish, and two, I knew him from an author friend of mine.  ISOTUT is owned, and operated, by Michael Kiser.  He knows so much more about publishing than I do, and I think, for me, the establishment of a small Independent publisher was the route I decided to go. In the future, I may go to self-publishing, but right now, I’m perfectly satisfied.

LKKelly Photo 6 DSC_0018aaChristians are told to be “in the world, but not of it.” As a Christian writer, how do you write to conform to that scripture?

My books will always have a Creator in them.  And, by that, I mean God.  Even the supernatural world recognize Him. Christians belief in a supernatural world, or God could not exist.

Again, Lela, I want to thank you for asking me for this interview. I truly appreciate it.  LK Kelley aka Kim ( @lkkelley1 )


















I manage, and maintain ALL my pages personally without help from anyone. Why? Because I love to do it! It’s fun.  And, all of this in addition that I work at Sam’s Club between 26-32 hours a week as a cashier in Fort Smith, AR.

You’re awesome, Kim!

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