TAMMY BRUCE: Confederate flag controversy is latest battle in left-wing war on Southern history – Washington Times   7 comments

While I am about as far from a Southerner as you can get and have zero attachment to the Confederate flag, this writer makes some good points.

TAMMY BRUCE: Confederate flag controversy is latest battle in left-wing war on Southern history – Washington Times.

I’m not so much fixed on the Confederate flag as on other history-rewriting efforts. Oklahoma just voted to remove the 10 Commandments from its capitol grounds. I’m waiting for the sand-blasting of Biblical references from the US Capitol.

Once this starts it’s hard to stop and pretty soon, you’re living in Soviet Russia where history changed with the whim of the current ruler.

One of the things I love about the US Constitution is that it shows the amendments. The amendment authoring Prohibition was repealed, but it remains in the Constitution, along with the amendment repealing it, so that we can see our history. We used to understand that learning from our history or the histories of other nations, was vital.

I’m afraid we’re losing that.

7 responses to “TAMMY BRUCE: Confederate flag controversy is latest battle in left-wing war on Southern history – Washington Times

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  1. Once again I agree wholeheartedly with this. The issue with the Confederate flag controversy isn’t the flag itself, on one hand I can understand the sentiment, but if we accept a removal of a large part of America’s history, just because it is unpleasant, then where do we draw the line, what becomes true other than what is currently in vogue. Also I found your note about the 18th and 21st amendments interesting, I always thought of their existence as redundant, but you make a good point, their existence is a permanent, active reminder that we did something major, then admitted it was a mistake and undid it, rather than deleting it and pretending it never happened.


    • We can’t learn from our past if we don’t know our past. It’s bad enough that schools don’t teach history these days, but when we are actively working to erase our history … those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.


  2. It’s almost like our government and people on the left are lifting a page from extremist Muslims. They have destroyed countless ancient statues and monuments.


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  4. I find it strange the democrats who used the confederate flag to protest civil in the 1960s want to banish it. Jimmy Carter used confederate flag in his 1976 and 1980 election bid. Even using civil rights worker Andrew Young to sellout Rhodesia in order to buy 11 more years of apartheid in South Africa., Bill Clinton and Al Gore used confederate flag buttons new sons of the south in 1992. Hillary Clinton and John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin used confederate flag buttons as did Hillary Clinton in 2008. Even Barack Obama went to his regret a redneck rally in North Carolina 2008 have some pride. For Hillary planned 2016 election bid she had confederate flag buttons and flip flop sandals. What will the woman who said the confederate flag has no place in America do? Maybe sell them at a county fair they sold them last year at the Kingston Ontario Canada fair along side Bob Marley flags.


    Robert S Moulds
    • I was aware of Jimmy Carter’s use of the Confederate flag in his campaigns, but not these others. My personal concern is with the apparent attempt to erase history from many areas of the country by banning this flag and other symbols of the Confederacy. Here in Alaska, there is a move to remove the Mississippi State flag from an avenue of flags because it has the Confederate flag as part of it. Where does this sort of nonsense stop?

      When do we allow people who are different from us to be different from us?


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