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Cat NicolaouToday’s interview is with debut romance novelist Cat Nicolaou. Cat is a friend from the Booktrap independent authors group, a source for many of my interview victims. Welcome, Cat!
Hello, everyone. This is Cat calling from Greece.
Tell us something about yourself, Cat.
I come from a small island in the center of the Aegean Sea. I live there with my family and my pets. I am a cat person mostly, though all kinds of animals are welcome at my home. I am in my thirties now and I am a businesswoman besides being a writer.
What was the first story you wrote and how old were you?
I am not your usual type of writer who have been writing since childhood. I was always reluctant to write my thoughts down fearing someone will see. But I used to make up stories in my mind all the time. Anyway, I finally decided to try it 4 years ago. My first story was called “In somebody else’s shoes”. It was going to be a mystery, but I never managed to finish it. I have half of that novel. I might revisit it one day. What I did finish, though, in the summer of 2012 was my debut novella When Time Comes, which I wrote while working on a novel called “Is Love Just By Chance?”. The latter will come out next year, but it was completed at the same time as the novella.
I am a native Greek, but I’ve been taught English at a very young age. I also speak French and German but not as fluently as English. The English language has always fascinated me and ever since I was taught that, my mind started functioning in English, if I can say that. I told you that I used to make up stories all the time as a kid. Well, they were all in English. I used to picture myself talking with people in various situations, exclusively in English. I sometimes think I might have been English in a previous life. I have a huge fascination with 19th century Britain. I think writing in English helps me open up. I am a rather shy person in real life so by writing in English, it feels like it’s not me talking but someone else.

Except from when I was at school and had to write stories in Greek, the only other time I did that was when I took part in a Harlequin competition this year. I got 12th place unfortunately and only the first ten were published by them. But I translated that story in English and you can find it as a bonus story on my “When Time Comes” e-book.

Tell us a little bit about the island you live on. It sounds stunning.
My island  is in the centre of the Aegean Sea. It’s not very big, but has a vast cultural history. I’ve visited most of the islands in Greece, but to my eyes mine is the best. The beaches are magnificent and people are friendly and hospitable and there’s always something to do here. Lots of cultural events take place here and you’ll never get bored of the nightlife, especially in the summer.

It’s a great place for writers as well. I live in a village and at times it’s so quiet that the only sound you hear are birds. Perfect setting to sit down on a porch, look at the view and write. One of the things that really inspires me here is looking at the sea. Honestly, it feels like the movement of the waves takes everything else away from my mind and brings back only ideas for my stories.

What are you passionate about?
Passionate? I was having a chat with a mutual friend last night and I told her that passion is one of the strongest words in the Greek language. We do everything with passion. We work with passion -you know me enough to agree that I am a workaholic who never stops- we love with all our passion, we sing and dance like that, we love food and drink too much. Every single aspect of life is passion for us Greeks.
I grew up with some Greek immigrants here in Alaska and you are a passionate and vibrant people.
Someone told me I am too loud as a person because of my temperament.
But specifically? Well, the only thing I can tell you about right now is that I am passionate about my work, that includes my day job and my writing.
What is something you cannot live without?
I can’t live without coffee. I tried that once … worst week of my life. But to answer your question in all seriousness, I have been taught to be content with very little, so I don’t mind living without a lot of things. I don’t get attached to materials.
One thing I don’t like, though, is living alone. Though I spend most of my time on my own, I want to know there is always someone there.
I’m going to drop you off in a remote Alaska cabin for a month. It’s summer, so you don’t need to worry about freezing to death. I’m providing the food and bug spray. How do you spend your time and what do you bring with you? If you bring books, what books?
Ok, first of all, you used the bug word on me. If there’s going to be bugs there even if I have a spray, I’m not going anywhere. hahaha
It’s just mosquitoes the size of small planes. Nothing to worry about.
Nevertheless, I would have to bring my brother along for that part. He’s my bug exterminator. I like fishing very much. Can I do that there?
Lots of fishing, although you would have to hike a bit to fish from the cabin I am thinking of. The Chatanika River has grayling, salmon and white fish. 
And I like to explore when I visit a new place, so long walks it would be.

As for books, whatever I come across at the time. I am an avid reader and though I prefer romance, I read everything.

Cat Nic When Time Comes

Talk about When Time Comes.

When Time Comes was published in February 2015. It is now distributed by all major book sites. It is a romance novella set on the Greek island of Rhodes. The main characters are Athena and Alex. Alex is a famous rockstar and Athena is an art teacher. Athena is thirty-four and Alex is in his forties. He is at the peak of his career and always on the go. Though Greek, like Athena, he lives abroad and has never performed Live in Greece. When he announces a series of concerts in Greece, Athena jumps on the opportunity to see her lifelong crush perform for the first time. Fate is on her side and they meet aboard the ship destined to Rhodes. A lustful weekend follows and then the story takes you 6 years later when Alex revisits Greece for the final concert in his career. Will they get a second chance?

Well, you have to read the book for that.

You are a new author. What are your literary plans for the future?

I am currently working on a novel called The Island of Bliss. This will be a ‘clean’ romance. I don’t want to reveal too much yet since it’s a work in progress, but it won’t be my usual kind of writing. As I mentioned before Is Love Just By Chance? will come out next year. That is actually my favourite story. The MC is Kate who is an editor for a well-known publishing company in London. Her love interest is Cameron, the assistant she is hiring, but they keep having troubles and they can’t be together until those are solved. But their love is not just an accidental meeting. The resolution comes from a weird-looking author who gives Kate a book that takes her back to 19th-century England.

Well, that sounds intriguing.

Other than that, I can give you the titles of my other WIPs: “Teach A Teacher A Lesson”, “A Ride To Last” and “The Reluctant Professor”. The last one might be a series; I haven’t decided on that yet. These are all romances that will contain some steamy scemes. I don’t however use explicit language. I don’t like that. My scenes are steamy but I like to think that they border on erotica, but are not quite that. Readers so far have attested that my novella is quite pure for erotica. Well, that’s why you’ll find my books categorised as contemporary romance.

Anything else you would like to say.

I’d like to thank you for this opportunity, Lela. I hope I didn’t bore your readers. As you might have figured out by now, I love chatting so don’t be afraid to contact me. I love connecting with readers. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter and look for The Booktrap, an Indie Authors Community. I am there too, as well as many other great authors worth discovering.
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