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It’s always interesting to me to post something controversial and watch the control freaks come out of the woodwork. Posting on homosexual behavior in the churches or Christians taking a stand for Christ in the world is guaranteed to bring out the hostility. I’ve been told I don’t understand the Bible, that I’m unloving, that I’m mentally ill, that I want to ruin people’s lives. None of that is true, by the way! That’s just the opinion of sinners who resist God’s word.

We’re all sinners. Christians are sinners who know they are sinners and decided to let God do something about it. But there are many “Christians” who are not Christians at all. They’ve claimed the title, but they don’t know Jesus (1John 4:5). The world might like what they’re saying because they’re agreeing with the world, but that’s because unregenerate sinners recognize one another at a soul level.

In James 4, it says that friendship with the world is hostility toward God. If the world likes what you have to say, it may be that you’re not speaking God’s truth.

There are a dozen passages in the Bible that condemn sexual immorality and urge Christians to have nothing to do with it. 1 Corinthians deals boldly with the unacceptability of “loving” someone God has says you shouldn’t — and by the way, that man eventually repented (read 2 Corinthians). There are six places in the Bible where God specifically condemns homosexual behavior. If you’re going to ignore those six passages, you might as well ignore the rest of the Bible as well because you’ve missed its message entirely. Leviticus 18:22; Leviticus 20:13; Judges 19:15-30; 1 Corinthians 6:9; I Timothy 1:10; Jude 1:5-13. I didn’t write these things. They are God’s communication to every Christian and faithful Christians do not have the option to obey God in some areas and not in others.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 1:7) and obedience is better than sacrifice (1Samuel 15:22), other passages you might want to be familiar with.

And don’t give me the nonsense that God would never condemn anyone for “loving”, as if God is some sort of simple-minded man who doesn’t know the difference between the love that issues from a relationship with Him and the lust that flows from the heart of man. “Do not love the world, because anyone who loves the world does not have the Father’s love in him.” (1John 2:15)

God created human beings with both the capacity to love and the ability to enjoy sexual activity. Note that He created Adam and Eve, male and female, not a same-sex couple. The Fall, which can rightfully be defined as mankind screwing up God’s creation, resulted in a whole host of things God didn’t intend. His perfect creation is bent because of Adam and Eve’s choice. We shouldn’t  be (and I am not) surprised that mankind has turned the normal healthy expression of sexual desire meant for the marriage bed into something twisted and dark. God allows you the freedom of your choices. Go and do what you like … and reap the consequences. Right now, the world has decided that debauchery is “love”. It’s not! It’s scratching the sin itch and that may feel good, but ultimately, God will reject those who reject Him. That’s not to say that no homosexual or lustful heterosexual will be able to enter heaven. God forgave Moses, David and Paul of murder. He can forgive anything. He will give His grace to whomever He chooses and some Christians may be shocked to discover who will be in Heaven.

However, speaking to Christians here (or those who claim to be) — if you love the world so much that you cannot stand against the current zeitgeist, you need to examine yourself. I’m not just talking about homosexual behavior. I’m referencing sexual immorality, lying, cheating, stealing … there’s a lengthy list. What’s more, if you claim the title of Christian and you falsely state God’s word, you will be judged by God as a false teacher. I can’t do that. God is clear in His book what He expects of Christians and if that disagrees with the world in which I live … well, I’m in good company because the world hated Jesus and His disciples too.

9 responses to “Be Careful Who You Call Friend

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  1. Mmm. So your opponents are “sinners” and “control freaks” who have entirely missed the message of the Bible. Watch us “come out of the woodwork”- like termites, perhaps, something less than human. I find this disturbing, and might find it disturbing even if I agreed with you.


    • Why are you disturbed? Seems like the Supreme Court is about to hand the homosexual community total authority either FORCE Christians to cater their same sex ceremonies and likely host them in our churches or submit to reeducation classes and crushing fines for standing on our conscience. Perhaps you should be disturbed by the shredding of the 1st amendment.

      Here’s a suggestion — if you don’t agree with a Christiian caterer or florist who refuses to service same-sex “weddings”, don’t use their services. You can have your freedom of conscience and so can they. But that isn’t what you want, right? You want Christians to put their seal of approval on same-sex activities by participating in the ceremonies, even if it’s against their will.

      It’s not about freedom and it’s all about control.


      • Did you read my blog?


      • I am assuming you mean this one —

        There is a difference between standing for righteousness and being self-righteous. Standing for righteousness means to obey God, be honest about sin and point to the solution for it. The self-righteous would make laws to legislate morality. I would not. Let the corrupted live in their corruption, if that is what they choose.

        But the churches and the Christians in them need to decide whom they will serve — God or society, because society (in the guise of the Supreme Court) is fixing to make religious freedom in the United States a thing of the past in the coming months.


      • That is my blog, thank you for the follow.

        It was not “standing for righteousness” I was criticising, but your conception of your Christian opponents. “Coming out of the woodwork”, etc.

        I hear your pain, but there is no attack on religious freedom. Jews only marry Jews, they are free to refuse marriage.

        If you feel there is a first amendment case to argue, the time to argue it is during the discrimination cases, not now, where equality is the Constitutional issue.


      • Clare, are you aware of the Masterpiece Cake Shop or Sweet Cakes by Melissa? These are just two businesses that have refused to cater same-sex ceremonies on religious grounds. Sweet Cakes has already been driven out of business and last week the former owners were slapped with a $130,000 fine and a requirement to attend reeducation. They are just two Christian businesses who are required to put their seal of approval on what the Bible calls sin or submit to brain-washing and bankruptcy. They have no religious freedom in their private lives, only the appearance of freedom to attend the church building of their choice.

        The persecution has already begun. When the SCOTUS rules on gay marriage this fall, those requirements will likely extend to churches and pastors. Anyone involved in marriage services will be required to submit to the new “equality” and pretend that a sin is now perfectly acceptable because society has deemed it to be so. Christians will once more need to decide if we stand with God or if we will be conformed to the world.


      • I hear your pain; but it seems that there has already been the first amendment case you seek, in these unlawful discrimination cases, and the first amendment has not protected the bakers.

        The mistake is an over-complicated idea of what a baker does in making a wedding cake. All they do is bake a cake. They do it for sinners all the time: fornicators who cohabit before marriage, adulterers on their second marriage, gluttons who eat too much and in a sinful way. If a bookshop sells a book, does it “put its seal of approval” on it, or on its customer?

        If someone asks you to go with him one mile, go with him two.


      • Who is your god, Clare?

        Is it the God of the Bible, Who says Christians can only remarry if their non-Christian spouse initiates the divorce? In that case, your everyday life and business practices should reflect God’s pattern, not the world’s. That would include a Christian bookstore owner refusing to sell a book with objectionable content because, yes, if you sell it, anyone who buys it will assume you approve of the content — just like they now believe that Christians approve of divorce and remarriage and sex before marriage because churches aren’t disciplining members who are doing those things.

        If the US government is your god, then by all means, cede your inalienable rights to it, but recognize that those of us who take our faith seriously, are not required to do so. Our Founders were clear that the Bill of Rights ACKNOWLEDGES the rights that are an inherent part of being a human. They don’t guarantee, protect or grant them. Rights are above the government. And when the government in the guise of a federal judge or even the SCOTUS issues rulings that violate those rights, the people have an obligation to refuse to cede them.

        The Founders would be appalled at what is going on now. They were the ones who wrote “Congress shall make NO law infringing freedom of religion.” They would have told the same-sex couple exactly what the bakers did — there are other bakers. Take your business somewhere else. I conduct my business according to God’s principles.

        And I must say, the misinterpretation of Jesus’ words is crap. He was talking about charity, not about excusing sin. I know that it’s popular clap-trap to say that only the words of Jesus apply to us, but those who knew Jesus personally, considered the words of Paul, Peter, etc., to be Scripture. Paul wrote, as from the Lord, for us to FLEE sin.


      • The federal US Government is certainly not my God. It is horrible, making and threatening war across the globe, contrary to my Christian faith.


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