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God didn’t promise Christians a thorn-less rose garden. American Christians have somewhat forgotten that because we’ve been a couple of centuries without overt persecution. That’s the exception rather than the rule world-wide. In most societies, Biblically-faithful Christians are very much marginalized if not outright persecuted.

Society has cycles and the wheel is turning. Here in the US, our society doesn’t like to think of itself as a bunch of tyrannical persecutors. It prefers to think of itself as fair and welcoming, inclusive.

Yeah!!! Dream on, people!

Masterpiece Cake ShopGortz HausHands-On OriginalsArlene’s Flowers & Gifts, Liberty Ridge Farm, and Elane Photography (now out of business) are just a few examples of Christian businesses who politely refused to provide services for gay weddings and subsequently found themselves being ordered to reeducation classes, paying thousands of dollars in fines and in several cases closing their doors.

Let’s be very clear about this. If you actually research these cases, you will find that in no case did these business refuse services to homosexuals because they were homosexuals. Nobody screamed “Get away from me, you have kooties.” What these Christians did was refuse to provide wedding-related services that sanctify what the Bible defines as sexual immorality.

In other words, they refused to participate in someone else’s sin, to have their name associated with that sin and to appear to be encouraging that sin. They stood firm on what they believe the Bible teaches about sexual immorality and for that, they will lose their businesses, be fined into bankruptcy and in some cases do jail time.

I don’t agree with Indiana’s religious freedom law because I don’t think it should be necessary. “Congress shall make no law … restricting the free exercise of religion.” That should be clear enough. If a neighbor asks me to participate in sin, I have the right to peacefully refuse. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin would have agreed with me on that. “Whatever does not pick my pocket or break my leg is no concern of mine,” Jefferson wrote.

None of the gay couples in these cases were harmed in any way. Someone doesn’t agree with their lifestyle and won’t encourage them in it How does that harm them other than to perhaps hurt their feelings?

Yet, the bigoted anti-Christian crowd in this country is using it as an excuse to very much pick the pockets and break the legs of Christian businesspeople who have the audacity to live their faith.

We all know where this is headed. In a decade, possibly less, pastors will be required to perform gay ceremonies and churches will be required to host them. Why? Because this is not about the “rights” of homosexuals to be full members of society. This is about forcing an anti-Biblical agenda upon Christian churches and coercing Christians into participating in sin. Only by our seeming to approve of their behavior can they feel that they’ve finally arrived in the world.

Pay no attention to the metaphorical gun pointed at the heads of the baker, florist, musician, pastor, and venue manager. We’re happy, God damn it, and you must be happy with us.

I used God’s name technically in vain for a reason. What homosexuals do in their bedrooms is their own business, but when they require that I attend their commitment ceremony, they make it mine. God very much does damn sexual immorality and Christians who participate in it, even when required by our government, will have to explain their participation to God. If you’re not a Christian, you may think that’s no big deal, but for all of us familiar with Acts — we’re being called now to stand with Peter and John and say “We will obey the Lord” and accept the consequences.

But, hey, American society — you’re shredding the 1st Amendment. Are you sure you want to go there? What happens when society decides YOUR beliefs are the incorrect ones? What happens when society decides YOUR opinion must be silenced?

You see, that wheel — turns. When you base law upon the flavor the decade zeitgeist, you end up on top some decades and crushed under the wheel in others. The secret to America has always been that the law of liberty remained steady. We could disagree, but it didn’t matter because we didn’t have the power to control one another.

But, of course, that’s no longer the case. Are you sure you want it that way?


This started a series. See Part 2.

10 responses to “God Damns It

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  1. Very well stated!


    • Thank you. I keep hoping people will get it. It’s not about hating gays. I don’t hate gays. I have a couple of lesbian friends. One of them I’d probably give a kidney to if she needed it. It’s about honoring God by not participating (even as an unwilling servant) in sexual immorality.

      I also hope that Christians will bet it too. It’s time we fished or cut bait on the entire subject of sexual immorality in the churches. We wouldn’t be having this struggle now if we had followed God’s guidance on this subject over the last half-century. I know it’s not a popular thing to confront sin in the churches these days, but we’re missing out on God’s full blessing of the churches by not doing it. And, ultimately, we’re failing the very sinners we should be helping back onto the path.

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      • I agree wholeheartedly. Keep up the good fight. There are many other Christians, also, who are remaining steadfast in the face of what’s coming. Persecution is new for the American church and we must learn how to blunt it when possible, but stand firm in the Lord and what we know always.

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    • Do the businesses quiz all their customers first to check whether they have lied, slandered, committed adultery, stolen, used bad language, slept with someone before marriage, looked at someone else’s wife or husband or … anything else? if not, then they have no right to pick on two people who love each other and want to marry. Being fine with serving all the other sinful folk without batting an eyelid as long as they are hetrerosexuals merely shows that actually it has nothing to do with protecting their ‘morality’ and all to do with hypocrisy and bigotry.


      • Lucas, seriously?????

        Why is there always one person who has to make a ridiculous hyperbolic statement like “do they quiz everyone about their sin?”

        There’s a saying in the Bible — some men’s sin slip quietly along the alleys while others run ahead of you to the marketplace. Ordering a wedding cake with a same-sex couple on top sort of announces that the couple is committing the sin of homosexual activity without the Christian businessowner needing to do any further investigation.

        Furthermore, if a liar asks me to bake a cake for his wedding, my compliance does not encourage his lying or put my seal of approval on the sin of falsehood. The two are not connected. That is not the case with providing a wedding cake for a gay ceremony. The baker’s actions are encouraging of the couple’s sexual immorality and the public in general will take providing the cake as a sign of general acceptance of homosexual lifestyle.

        There is also difference between discriminating against a PERSON and discriminating against their BEHAVIOR.

        In fact, the gay couple in the Masterpiece Cake Shop case actually admitted in court that Jack Phillips said he would be glad to do any other kind of baking for them, but he drew a line at baking them a wedding cake because of encouraging their homosexual behavior would violates his Christian beliefs.

        I have a couple of friends who are lesbians. I’m still friends with them. We do lunch. I go hiking with one and work out at the gym with another. They know that I don’t approve of their lifestyle. I have refused to attend their commitment ceremonies. Yet we’re still friends. Why? Because they know I love them as friends and they also know my faith is more important to me than life itself. I can’t control what they choose to do, but I will not be a party to their sin.

        So stick around for the series. You might learn something about the Christian view of homosexual behavior, which does not reject the person but does reject the sin.

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