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ioana visanThis week’s author interview is with Ioana Visan, award-winning author of several novels, most recently Broken People. Tell us something about yourself, Ioana … which is a lovely name, by the way. 

Thank you, Ioana is a popular name here, in Romania. I live in Iasi, in the north-east of Romania, and I spend most of my time at the computer, writing, among other things.



How old were you when you first started writing and what sort of stories were they?

I started writing while in high school, but then college took all my time, and I returned to writing only after I got my Computer Science degree. Roleplaying was a lot of fun for a couple of years until I decided it was time to take writing seriously and become published. And I did, first traditionally, and then self-published later on. I started with science fiction and fantasy, and I’m sticking with it.



Broken PeopleWhat is something, besides writing, that you are passionate about?

Travelling and figure skating, though these two hobbies have never crossed path so far. I enjoy exploring foreign, old cities, preferably when it’s hot outside. I prefer skating during the cold season, when most of the competitions are taking place. I also happen to run a popular figure skating site, Absolute Skating, along with a group of friends.



What is your writing process? Do you discovery write or work from an outline, for example.


I guess it’s a combination of both because I usually plot a story while writing something else, so when I get to the actual writing part, I already have a big part of the plot clear inside my head. But nothing is set in stone. I love it when the characters surprise me and the plot takes an unexpected turn.


All of my stories are written at a two-meter-long desk, set in front of a glass wall, facing a terrace covered in plants.



Human InstinctsWhat is your favorite genre to write in? Is it the same as your favorite reading genre?


Yes, my primary genre is science fiction, followed closely by fantasy. However, I like to have a lot of adventures in my stories, and nothing is complete without a touch of romance.



Tell me about Broken People.


Broken People features a large cast because of The Nightingale Circus whose employees fix prosthetics on the black market in a Europe ravaged by war. Our hero, Dale Armstrong, needs their help to instrument a heist inside the Hrad, the big Bratislava Castle. Add to this a powerful lady with all four limbs replaced by golden prosthetics, and the fate of the war depending on Dale’s success. Now what could go wrong?



Blue MoonThat isn’t your first book, however. Tell me about your other books.


I also wrote an apocalyptic novella, Human Instincts, a paranormal short story collection, Blue Moon Café Series: Where Shifters Meet for Drinks, and a vampire series, The Impaler Legacy.



What are your writing plans for the future?


The second Broken People book is in the plotting stage along with an angels and demons story, a steampunk story, and an alien story, all with the potential to turn into series if time allows it. And maybe when all these are done, I’ll get to finish another fantasy series.



Impaler LegacyYou can find Ioana and her books at the following links









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