Another Colorado Baker Faces Discrimination Charges   5 comments

I predicted this, by the way.

I don’t know Bill Jack, the man who ordered the cake, but I suspect this was a set up to do exactly what he is doing, pushing this into the courts to force Colorado courts to a major decision.

The Masterpiece Cake case last year involved a Christian who refused to bake a “wedding” cake for a same-sex couple because he believes God does not want him to participate in homosexual activities even to this degree. Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission with the backing of Colorado courts ruled that Jack Phillips had no right to exercise his freedom of religion and opt out of same- sex weddings. He has since stopped baking wedding cakes altogether.

On the surface, Bill Jack did a deplorable thing. He asked the baker to bake a wedding cake that said “God Hates Gays”. You’ll have to look back in my blog for my full position on this, but God does not hate gays, only the sexual behavior gays participate in, and Christians are not called to hate, but to live in love with God, which will sometimes put us at odds with the world. While I fully support Jack Phillips’ right to practice freedom of religion and refuse to bake a “wedding” cake for a same-sex couple, I call Bill Jack a sinner for the hateful nature of what he requested. And I fully support Marjorie Silva’s right to refuse to participate in his act of hate.

But I suspect Mr. Jack is pushing an issue that needs to be pushed. I don’t think this is about hatred of homosexuals at all. I think this is about civil rights — the right of Christians not to participate in objectionable activities through our businesses.

Jack Phillips, the Masterpiece Cake baker, chose not to bake a cake because he believes God does not approve of homosexual lifestyles, including same-sex “marriage”. He further believes that he as a Christian should not participate in homosexual lifestyles, even by giving them the tacit approval of baking a cake for a same-sex “wedding. So he refused to bake a “wedding” cake. In doing so, he stood firmly on the 1st Amendment and the Bible. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission chose to ignore the long-established definition of “freedom” and forced him and his employees to submit to “reeducation” classes and promise to be the go-to bakery for gay wedding cakes.

Now Marjorie Silva is making a stand on her right not to inscribe a hateful message on a cake. I fully support that decision and for the same reason. If Mr. Jack wanted his anti-gay cake, he could have found another baker willing to do it for him or taken Silva up on her offer to provide the tools for him to do it himself. Instead, he filed a civil rights complaint. The article I am posting insists the cases are different. I would argue that they are not. It really comes down to this:

If Christians can be forced to participate in the activities of the world that we consider to be sin — if we have no freedom of conscience to refuse — than we have no freedom of religion and we might as well be living under a totalitarian state.

In fact, I would argue that we are living in a totalitarian state and just haven’t acknowledged it yet. If you belong to a marginalized minority — which is what Christians have become in this nation — you do not have the same standing before the courts as someone who is a member of a protected class of citizens.

This case is going to prove that.

I predict the Human Rights Commission and the Colorado courts will rule in favor of Marjorie Silva, the owner of Azucar Bakery. They will pontificate that Silva was exercising the correct sort of conscience and therefore had every freedom to deny Bill Jack service. In doing so, they will make it clear that Christians are no longer considered equal citizens who have a right of conscience unless they align their beliefs with the current worldview.

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5 responses to “Another Colorado Baker Faces Discrimination Charges

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  3. Stick to your beliefs

    Soon…this too shall pass


  4. The legal issue is discrimination. There is no discrimination against Bill Jack. Marjorie Silva would not write a hateful message for anyone.

    There was discrimination in the Christian bakers’ cases. They make wedding cakes for straights. They should not refuse a service to gays, which they provide to straights.

    As you say, God does not hate gays. “God condemns gay marriage” might have a better chance at a religious belief discrimination claim. Some Christians believe that.


    • Clare, your definition of discrimination is a very narrow one based on modern ideology. Our Founders thought religious freedom was important enough to put in the very first Amendment to the Constitution. Apparently, you’re okay with demanding that people violate their beliefs inorder to support your ideology, but the whole purpose of the Constitution was to protect the rights of all citizens, most especially the individual who takes a contrarian view of the social milieu of the day.

      To demand that someone violate their religious precepts in order to remain in business is discrimination. Mr. Philips at Masterpiece Cakes did not deny services to the same-sex couple. He would have been glad to make them a birthday cake, for example. What he was unwilling to do was participate in their “wedding” by making a “wedding” cake for them. Baking a birthday cake for them would not be condoning their sin; baking a wedding cake would clearly be doing so. Baking a cake for a “straight” wedding does not violate the Bible’s unambiguous condemnation of homosexual behavior since marriage was instituted by God in the Bible. Baking a cake for a same-sex “wedding” very much does violate Biblical precepts.

      You are apparently under the mistaken impression that government and people like you get to decide what our rights are, but that was not the Founders’ view. They believed rights were inherent in humanity — which means that regardless of what you may define as a “right”, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington would have fought for the Christian baker’s right to honor God by refusing to participate in a gay “wedding”.

      I have to wonder how long it will be before you are making these arguments for why my pastor must officiate and my church host same-sex marriages.


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