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Today’s interview is with Thomas Duder,‭ ‬author of The Generalist Series.
‭‬Tell us something about yourself,‭ ‬Thomas.‭ 

Mister Thomas Duder (1)Hello‭! ‬I am indeed,‭ ‬Thomas Duder,‭ ‬Author of the Things,‭ ‬and I’m a‭ ‬struggling writer.

Not struggling with the writing,‭ ‬hell no‭ ‬-‭ ‬I’m a freakin‭’ ‬genius and a wordsmith.‭ ‬No,‭ ‬I’m struggling with the rest of the industry,‭ ‬especially marketing.‭ ‬I just suck wholesale,‭ ‬especially considering how good my stuff is it really sucks that I have to work so hard just to get the free offering read.

The saddest part is how many people are going to be all,‭ “‬Derp I was there before he got big man‭” ‬and they’re the same fools who waited,‭ ‬like,‭ ‬months after I really REALLY needed them to help me out.

Seriously‭! ‬I can’t get social media to work for crap.‭ >‬:‭(

I have had similar thoughts!

Outside of that I live alone,‭ ‬I work hard,‭ ‬and I have friends online and offline.‭ ‬The path of a writer is a lonely one,‭ ‬and the path of a warrior is a sad one.

So I’ve got that going on‭ ‬for me.

‭‬Describe your writing journey.‭ ‬How did you get started‭? ‬What caused you to move in the direction of The Generalist‭?

I’ve written quite a bit before I decided to be published,‭ ‬and it was amidst a fit of blogging that I just put it out there.

A quick write-up later,‭ ‬I posted the‭ “‬Battle at Brownstone,‭” ‬a segment that is only now coming up in The Generalist saga,‭ ‬pitting the characters of Frank and Dash versus Karsiel the Revenant,‭ ‬Angel of the Warning Shot.

Back in this time,‭ ‬I checked it out with the few fans I had and they just dug it,‭ ‬a lot.‭ ‬I went ahead with my write-up of The Generalist in general‭ (‬like I do with such things‭)‬,‭ ‬and just ran with it.‭ ‬Frank Todd himself is a character from a small short story series‭ (‬like only four or so‭) ‬where‭ ‬he was basically just a guy with two first names for his whole name who went through scenes I had gone through in life:‭ ‬scaring off a stalker with the truth,‭ ‬a dinner with God,‭ ‬that kinda thing.

At the time,‭ ‬Dash was actually a rival of his in artifact hunting,‭ ‬and The Shop didn’t even exist‭ ‬-‭ ‬the entirety of it was how they were working for the Vatican’s Department XIII in order to combat monstrosities and performing exorcisms,‭ ‬that kinda thing.

Then I started writing it,‭ ‬and The Shop wrote itself.‭ ‬Suddenly everything clicked and reorganized to the new form‭ ‬-‭ ‬The Shop standing as an apex predator not only for Neo-Los Angeles but the world in general,‭ ‬all secret societies and groups fearing and respecting them.

Now the thing is still based on my original notes,‭ ‬but it’s become so much greater in the doing‭! ‬I’m having a blast exploring concepts I never originally thought for the series,‭ ‬and watching Frank and Dash‭ (‬and company,‭ ‬their various allies and loves and such‭) ‬just go through these high-powered misadventures.

And this ain’t even the half of it,‭ ‬we’re still in the beginning.‭ ‬I’ve got plaaaans,‭ ‬man,‭ ‬so many plans for these boys.‭ ‬They’re gonna get put through the wringer,‭ ‬like all my creations.

The question is whether they’re gonna be strong enough to survive it,‭ ‬y’know‭?


What’s your favorite genre to read,‭ ‬and if it is different from what you write,‭ ‬why‭?

I enjoy general fiction,‭ ‬especially high dark fantasy and good ol‭’ ‬sci-fi.‭ ‬Action and comedy anything is pretty good to me.

It’s not inexactly different than how I write‭ ‬-‭ ‬I’ve been told I have a very unique voice,‭ ‬a very comic-esque and visual style of writing,‭ ‬and I’m happy for it.‭ ‬I believe there’s still room for me to grow,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬and I’m not gonna stop at this level alone…but it’s nice I don‭’‬t have to do what so many other writers do and‭ “‬seek my voice.‭”

‬I have‭ ‬my voice.‭ ‬Now I just gotta keep on,‭ ‬yo.

The Generalist


What is The Generalist about‭? ‬What is the main point of conflict in it‭?

The Generalist is set in the heart of Neo-Los Angeles,‭ ‬2017,‭ ‬five years after the Havoc of‭ ‬2012.‭ ‬During this time a major global upheaval resulted in a severe spike of growth in various forms of energy‭ (‬don‭’‬t argue with me what constitutes‭ ‬“energy‭”‬ – this is fiction‭!)‬,‭ ‬as well as supernatural-based phenomena.

During this time every god and goddess ever worshipped suddenly rises up and declares themselves the Truth‭; ‬the Unseelie and Seelie Sidhe‭ (‬the Fae‭) ‬are causing a ruckus everywhere‭; ‬secret societies suddenly and very publicly jockey for higher positions of power‭; ‬Artifacts of eldritch design are suddenly up for grabs‭; ‬the Vatican unleashes hordes of priest-warriors onto the world‭; ‬the American government is suddenly on the scene with ancient contracts to Eldritch entities and‭ (‬above all‭) ‬people are,‭ ‬apparently at random,‭ ‬transmogrifying into horrifying monstrosities who immediately go into a maddened,‭ ‬cannibalistic riot.

Amidst all this chaos lays The Shop,‭ ‬a supernatural services and paranormal goods store.‭ ‬A central power in Neo-Los Angeles,‭ ‬even the most eldritch of entities pay heed to the Kings of the Angels,‭ ‬the Sultans of Swing.‭ ‬Frank‭ ‬“The Generalist‭”‬ Todd and Daniel‭ ‬“Dash‭”‬ Hopkins,‭ ‬a human who has mastered the‭ ‬“four basic food groups‭”‬ of energy‭ (‬Psionics,‭ ‬Magic,‭ ‬Ki Energy,‭ ‬and Spiritual Faith,‭ ‬as well as others‭) ‬alongside the‭ ‬“UnGrimm Troll,‭”‬ the two beings who are known as The Shopkeepers for obvious reasons.

Together they represent the‭ ‬#1‭ ‬killers,‭ ‬thugs,‭ ‬bouncers,‭ ‬kneecappers,‭ ‬supernatural bartering and even black marketeers of Neo-Los Angeles.‭ ‬They‭’‬re also the government-recognized Champions of the world,‭ ‬stepping up whenever a global threat occurs or an interdimensional invasion.

Altogether it‭’‬s a lot of misadventure and a lot of fun‭!


Describe your main character.

Characters,‭ ‬characterrrrrrs.‭ ‬Frank is curmudgeonly,‭ ‬grumpy,‭ ‬hateful and extremely violent and aggressive.‭ ‬Dash is‭ ‬chipper,‭ ‬cheerful,‭ ‬as much an optimist as Frank is a cynic,‭ ‬hateful,‭ ‬extremely violent,‭ ‬and‭ ‬aggressive.

They work well together,‭ ‬which gives rise to their‭ ‬“Combined Techniques,‭”‬ attacks and abilities that rely on their exact synchronization on every level.‭ ‬This is what gives rise to the true terror that is The Shop:‭ ‬individually,‭ ‬they‭’‬re each a monster in their own right.‭ ‬Together they‭’‬re an act of God,‭ ‬a freakin‭’‬ explosion of violence and destruction,‭ ‬and woebetide any who‭ ‬get in their way.


You’re coming out with a new book soon.‭ ‬Describe it.

Oh,‭ ‬several‭! ‬Sometime in the next couple of weeks I‭’‬m about to publish The Omnibus Generalis Volume‭ ‬1‭ ‬– a‭ ‬collection of the first four books in the series with three new short stories‭ (‬all canon from The Generalist universe‭) ‬and a side novella in the same vein.

There‭’‬s also Crimson Fate,‭ ‬the prequel novel that kicks off a quartet of vampire action erotica books that I‭’‬m currently co-writing with the inestimable,‭ ‬unstoppable Ella Dominguez‭~! ‬I‭’‬m quite proud of it thus far,‭ ‬and look forward to working further on the books‭ ‬– this‭ ‬world is just so brutal,‭ ‬so violent‭!

‬I‭’‬ll also have the first volume comin‭’‬ out in December or so,‭ ‬a collection of short stories from a series called‭ ‬“Killer‭ ‬13,‭”‬ which follows a madman as he massacres his way through a desert wasteland filled‭ ‬with demonic,‭ ‬fiendish creatures and where everything‭ (‬even the sky itself‭!) ‬is trying to devour everything else.‭ ‬It‭’‬s trippy,‭ ‬weird,‭ ‬violent and brutal as all get-out‭!

I‭’‬m also one freakin‭’‬ chapter away from being done with The Generalist‭ ‬– Taboo‭ ‬4:‭ ‬Angle of the Angels.‭ ‬Just gotta deal with the rest of the universe‭…


Anything else you want to say or make up or‭ ‬…

I look forward to publishing even more come‭ ‬2015,‭ ‬and I also look forward to seeing how‭ ‬a good friend of mine,‭ ‬Francesca Silvers,‭ ‬deals with The Generalist series as an erotica.

I do hope you guys keep reading my books‭! ‬I have so much more material to put out there,‭ ‬and‭ ‬2015‭’‬s gonna rock HARD‭!



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