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My body (and the bodies of all Christians) is the temple of God. His home, so to speak.

I treat my home with a certain amount of respect because I care about where I live. In some ways, I can compare myself to my dogs. They don’t pee in their dog pen and they generally create a latrine for themselves in one corner of the yard. They do that because they don’t want to walk in what comes out of their hind ends. Similarly, I clean up around my house and keep my messier bodily functions sequestered in the “necessary” because I don’t want to live in the consequence of my humanity.

My body is the temple of God. I wonder how He feels about that extra 20 pounds I’m carrying? Does He object when His believers smoke cigarettes or drink to excess? What about when we have sex in ways that He has told us He does not approve? Does He look out of the windows of His temple (our eyes) and see what we’re doing? Does He weep?

In Romans, Paul talks about the struggle between the flesh and the spirit, about how we know what God wants from us, but we don’t do it. He corrected the churches at Corinth, Rome and Ephesus for not giving God His due in His temple. In Revelation, the apostle John warned that the churches were rife with apostasy. James, the brother of Jesus and pastor of the church at Jerusalem, was worried that the Christians didn’t know that God expected them to lead moral lives.

Christianity is an individual relationship with Jesus Christ as God and Savior. God has no grandchildren. My faith does not pass to my children unless I teach it to them and they accept it. If they live ethical lives based upon the moralism that I teach them, that is NOT to their credit. They must be born again — and that is something that happens 1:1 in their hearts, not in a congregation or a community or a nation. And, ultimately, we answer to God as individuals at the bema seat judgment.

If we’ve tracked the world’s mud through God’s temple because we loved the world more than we loved Him, we’re going to answer for it. Now you could argue that there are no consequences since Christians will not be denied entry into heaven, but consider this as a possibility. What if at the bema seat, God allowed you to see your sins as a Christian the way that He experienced them. This is God, Who abandoned Himself on the cross because He could not stand to look upon sin. Imagine what He experiences when you violate His laws, which He gave us for our own good, because you would rather scratch a physical itch than have full fellowship with Him?

We choose that and it must so incredibly disgust Him. Yes, He loves us, but not like some people dote on their cute little dogs. He loves us as a loving Father Who wants us to be better than we are, not for His sake, but for ours.

So, what do we do? We’ve taken a really long look at the sins of Christians. It’s easy to say “I should do better” and then just keep right on going. And certainly, there are Christians who do not believe that God cares that we’re engaging in certain activities. There’s no consequence. I enjoy my sin, so why stop?

What are the churches supposed to do about that? Frown at us? Make us feel bad? Keep opening the doors week after week in hopes that we will change? Get laws passed that outlaw our behavior?

No! The churches are supposed to discipline us!

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