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Front Cover UpdateSomeone wanted to know about the cover for The Willow Branch, which is a good time to talk about cover design.

“They” (the celestial body of supposed experts) say the front cover is as important has what is inside the book. I agree. It’s the best advertising I have. You also can’t judge a book by its cover … except when you can. The Willow Branch can definitely be judged by its cover.

First, it is a portion of a painting that dates from the 1800s that I found in the public domain. Why did the painter decide to depict the moon as so large? I don’t know. Maybe he was a moon gazer like my husband. It suited my story and that’s all that mattered to me.

Because the book hadn’t made any money yet, I was determined to find an image that wouldn’t cost me a lot of money. I also wasn’t as familiar with desktop publishing programs as I am now. I hadn’t encountered and I couldn’t afford Photoshop. So finding this image was a boon because it relates to the story and is striking. I couldn’t find an artist, but I did find a date and it was well before the copyright laws.

I tweaked the image for my use. I got rid of some portions of the painting that didn’t belong in the story. Then, just before I published, I discovered, so I worked some other magic to change image a bit and boost the dpi. That resulted in a slightly more oval “moon”, which I kept because …

If you read the story, you’ll learn that the “moon” shines at the wrong time of the month, suggesting it isn’t actually the moon, but is something extremely sinister.

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