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Today, I am interviewing CJ Davis, author of The Battle for the Afterlife saga, a sci-fi fantasy set in … well, the afterlife. Tell us a little bit about yourself, CJ.

CJ Davis Head ShotI live in Atlanta, GA with my wife and two little girls. By day I’m a marketing executive for a software company, and by night I write novels, and short stories. I’m an avid runner, and just ran my fifth marathon last November in Philadelphia. Running provides me with the alone time I need to develop my stories.


How did you become a writer?

I’ve always been drawn to creative endeavors.  Even when I was a little boy we took turns during long family car trips telling stories we would make up on the spot.  When I was in fourth grade, my elementary school had a fantastic creative writing program.  As one exercise we all had to develop our own children’s books for a contest where a published author would choose his favorites.  His name was Theodore Taylor, author of The Cay.  My book actually won the contest and he gave me a signed copy of his book, and encouraged me to continue writing.  I’ve been writing off and on ever since.


I loved The Cay when I was a kid. What gets you most jazzed in life?

Spending time with my wife and two little girls. We are all Disney fanatics, and are lucky enough to go to Disney World every year. I’m basically a giant kid at heart.


Do you have any unusual writing habits?

I’m a runner and typically run 16 miles per week. During my alone time on the greenways I run on I think through my stories and characters. It has been tremendously helpful in fleshing out what I’m working on.

I also listen to soundtrack music when I’m writing. Some of my favorite soundtracks I listened to when writing Battle for the Afterlife Saga, Blue Courage were Oblivion and Tron 2.


The Afterlife Saga is three stories centered around Navy Seal Reese Hawthorne who wakes up in a futuristic city in the Afterlife. How did you develop your concept of the afterlife?

As a huge fan of action adventure stories, fantasy and science fiction, I could not think of a story that has combined the elements I most appreciate in my favorite books and movies, in an Afterlife setting. I love the idea of characters with superhuman abilities, and really ap9reciate realistic worlds. The Afterlife is the perfect setting to have adventure, science fiction, superhuman abilities, and a believable premise that could all actually be possible.

Who is going to tell me my made-up world is not true? Unless you are dead, you do not know “for sure” what the Afterlife is actually like.  I wrote a book about the Afterlife to create a world that would be amazing to “live” in, but mostly to have a fascinating place to be transported to when I write and read my Battle for the Afterlife Saga books.


Battle for the Afterlife coverIs Reese based on anyone “real” or is he simply a character you developed (and if so, how did you develop him)?

I made him up, but my muse was George Clooney’s character in the movie Gravity.  I loved how cavalier he was in the face of danger.


What is the main takeaway you would like readers to get from The Afterlife Saga?

How each and everyone of us face decisions throughout our lives that can make us good or evil. Our actions define us, and to truly be 100% good or evil it takes an absolute commitment to the cause.  The Blues in this story struggle with pure altruism at times, especially when sacrificing soul mates when the greater good comes into play. This concept was fun to explore, and challenges some beliefs many people have in a simpler black and white world. I wanted to explore the grey areas.


What are your plans for the future? Do you have more books planned?

Yes, I’m working on another action-adventure story, that mostly takes place in the wild jungles of Papua New Guinea.  It has erupting volcanoes, cannibals and wild predators.  I’m also in the early development stages for the follow-up to Blue Courage in the Battle for the Afterlife Saga book series.


Where do readers find your books?



Barnes and Noble:


My website is:


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