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A lot of Christians pick and choose which sins they get incensed about and that is a problem for us that highlights what is wrong with the churches today.

I’ve spent a good deal of time dealing with sexual immorality within the churches. I’ve been careful to state that none of this applies outside of the churches. Non-Christians are already the walking dead. Christians need to be concerned with presenting the gospel to them so that they have an opportunity for Life. Until they are alive, we’re wasting our times (and more importantly God’s) by dealing with the symptoms of their death. Stop doing that and do what you do not want to do!

Look at yourself and ask “Do I reflect the Life that is within me?”

Before we can be good stewards of the ministry God has given us, we must make sure we are properly reflecting the Savior.

And, we’re not, folks!

Why are there ashtrays outside the doors to most churches? We don’t want cigarette butts on the steps, but let’s be honest with ourselves. If our church members truly believed their bodies are the temple of God, would we need those ashtrays? What about the pianist who is 100-pounds overweight? What about the businessman with the reputation for greed and fraud? What about the angry man who screams at the bank teller on his way to the building and grounds meeting? Or how about the gossip-mongers whispering in each other’s ears?

True, none of us is perfect and sometimes the world is just looking for our failures. And certainly the world loves to jump all over what it perceives to be failure when in fact it is pressing its phony standards of morality on us. And also sometimes the world redefines what is moral and then calls us evil for choosing to obey God rather than man. I’m not denying it.

I am pointing out that often Christians fail to live up to God’s standards, but then we love to point a finger at non-Christians and judge them for also not living up to that standard. Non-Christians (who are essentially spiritual zombies) are under no obligation to live under God’s standards. They’ll reap the consequences of rejecting God’s invitation to salvation. I think that status blinds God to whether they are sexually immoral. That’s the dirt on their feet when they have a stake through their hearts. Expecting non-Christians to care whether they are sinning is like expecting good table manners from zombies.

Christians, however, do have an obligation to at least try to live up to God’s standards. Jesus died for us. We accepted that gift. The least we can do is try to live our lives as accurate reflections of who God is and admit it when we fall short.

And we will fall short because we are human.

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