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My post — from more than a year ago — When Seconds Count, Cops are Hours Away — has been getting a workout of late. I can only guess it is because of the school shooting in Marysville Washington.

I have not changed my mind.

The most sensible solution to the problem of violence in our society is to allow sane people to go forth armed. I have friends who are teachers who have significant gun collections and the skills to use them. Some of them are concealed carry permit holders. And, yet, if a student comes into the cafeteria with a gun and opens fire, they can’t do a think about it. They’re forced to hide under the tables … or behind their dead students .. in hopes of surviving to go home to their families. The death toll is a great deal higher because we do not allow effective defenses in “gun-free zones”.

A few weeks ago, we were at the movie theater and a drunk GI went off on a guy who was supposedly his friend and I watched as at least five men in the crowd stood up. One of them unzipped his coat and said “Leave! Now!” The GI did. His friend gave the concealed carry patron a thumbs-up and followed his friend out.

What might have happened if there’d been nobody but cops — 10 minutes away — to discourage this violent man with impaired judgment and access to select fire weapons? How many people might have died that night? A half dozen concealed carry and one willing to take charge and the potential shooter never reached into his jacket. Was he armed? I don’t know, but I do know that many soldiers are. They’ve been to a war zone and they come back paranoid and they carry because they suspect society is dangerous. They’re right. Sadly, many of them don’t stay sober and therein is the problem. I have no problem with anyone carrying if they’re sober. Anyone who chooses to go forth armed with the understanding that they might have to protect themselves or someone else are a first-line of defense against the bad guys. Or against the mentally-ill teenager or the drunk GI.

A cop won’t fit under my arm. Sadly as a small lady, the gun that fits under my arm isn’t as big as I would like. My 357 will punch a big dent in body armor. My 38 won’t, but I feel better carrying it in many circumstances.

I’m not a teacher, but if I were, I think I’d be considering retiring because our government seems determined to continue the lunacy of not protecting our teachers and students in an effective manner. And that situation exists in malls, churches, public buildings and …

Well, far too many places.

How many kids could have been saved if just one teacher had been concealed carry?

Posted November 8, 2014 by aurorawatcherak in Gun control

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