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Sex is a very spiritual physical activity.

I can not think of another physical activity where you can feel the same sort of oneness with another human being that you can with sex.

No wonder that we as a society are in trouble, but more, we shouldn’t wonder that the churches are in trouble.

The United States of America and Europe, circa 21st century, is highly sexualized. There are those who want to say that Christians ought to get the with times and not fight the tide of sexual immorality. How dare we say who can have sex with whom and how?

And, I partially agree with that. As a civil libertarian, much as I don’t like to see it, I agree that you have a right to have sex with any consenting adult you desire. I think there are incredibly bad consequences to society with that sort of cultural milieu, but if that is what you want to do as an individual — that’s  your choice.

And, I believe the churches have enough problems of their own with sexual immorality that we don’t really need to be arguing with the world over sex. Get our own house in order and … well, I suspect we wouldn’t be arguing with the world over sex if we had our house in order because we wouldn’t feel so threatened by the slow whittling away of our values to the majority culture.

I’ve said this before, mankind is not good and Christians are only good to the extent that we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us, which means that the churches are merely gatherings of human beings who are not good, but who may desire to be better, but are often influenced by the culture outside the church and by the tares (cultural Christians) and apostates (fallen Christians) within the congregations.

So why are we surprised when congregations act like the flesh and blood that we are composed of?

Because we (Biblical Christians) know we are called to something higher and better. Paul the apostle told the Thessalonian Christians that their first priority for achieving that higher and better God-directed life was to “abstain from sexual immorality.”

He didn’t say “Don’t have sex” or “Don’t enjoy sex” or “Only have sex for procreation”. He said “abstains from sexual immorality.” We know from koinine Greek that there was plenty of sexual immorality to be witnessed and engaged in within the Greco-Roman world that Paul traveled through. Corinth, where Paul was when he wrote back to Thessalonica, was the Las Vegas of its time, which a little bit of Key West rolled in. In other words, Paul would not have been shocked by our culture. He was familiar with the sexual practices of his own era. He knew that the Christians of Thessalonica came out of a culture steeped in prostitution, temple sexual worship, culturally-sanctioned adultery and fornication, and pedophilia. And, yet, he told the Thessalonians that if they wanted to be in God’s will, they must abstain from sexual immorality.

He told them to support their fellow Christians in this endeavor, by word, by deed, and by discipline within the church.

But what he didn’t say was that they should be concerned with what the culture around them was doing. Instead, he told the Thessalonians and later the Corinthians and others to turn inward and create a separate Christian culture within the churches and not let the outside world dictate to them how they would live.

For about 300 years after Paul wrote this letter, Christians largely concentrated on the activities within the churches and saw incredible growth. Without a sword stroke, without a government edict, often under intense persecution that prevented the attraction of the rich and powerful, the Christian church universal grew and grew and grew until it was about 1/3 of the population of the Roman Empire and Constantine realized that he would be better off harnessing the social force of Christianity than opposing it.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. For 1600 years christian-like (deliberate small c) organizations have been the dominant cultural shaping tool of Europe and the United States.

Now it would seem that God has given permission to Satan to thresh the churches like wheat. And, I don’t think we should fight that because God sifts the churches for our good and we really need some discipline, Church.

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