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Let’s be perfectly clear about this — if you are a non-Christian of any sort, what I have to say in the next few posts is not for you. You’re certainly welcome to read it, but you are not part of the intended audience. If you mistakenly think you are, you will end up pissed off by what I have to say for no reason.

Why? Because God holds Christians to a different standard than He holds non-Christians.

If this offends you, I’m sorry, but this is the situation.

Non-Christians are dead in their sin. They have not accepted the salvation provided by Christ’s atonement on the cross, so have not been made alive in Christ through the grace of God, so they do not have anything to lose by disobeying God.


Now for the people I actually want to piss off ...

Christians — get this straight. Non-Christians already have a stake through their hearts. It’s no good you worrying about the  mud on their boots because they’re walking dead already.

That comes off as harsh, but it really is that simple. When we are talking about Christlike living, we can only talk to Christians, because non-Christians do not have Christ and so cannot live in a Christlike manner. They can be “good” people, they can have many admirable qualities, but until they accept Jesus Christ as personal savior, they cannot produce the fruit of the spirit and there is no use fuming about their works of the flesh. They are flesh. It is unrealistic to expect zombies to act like living people.

And, yes, I just used The Walking Dead as a spiritual illustration.

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