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In recent decades we’ve witnessed many evangelical Christian churches, organizations and ministries gradually dilute the word of God in order to facility a more “seeker-friendly” conception of Christianity. There is a fine line between holding the truth of the Gospel and reaching out to others on their territory with the Gospel message.

Christians should be genuinely concerned that the modern church feels the  need to dilute the word of God in order to appear culturally relevant at the risk of promoting humanistic philosophy over Biblical authenicity.

Humanistic philosophy promotes artificial doctrines like self-achievement and life fulfillment.

Biblical authenicity promotes obeying all that Jesus commanded.

Seeker Christianity takes many forms, but largely it has become less about Biblical substance and commitment and more about a culture of “self”. Young people growing up within the church today are developing a heavy reliance on the social aspects of church rather than on the core teachings of Jesus.

This is not a new trend, by any means. There are always been churches that catered more to social “churchianity” rather than Biblical Christianity. But the trend, I think, has increased and it is becoming more prevelant within churches and denominations that strenuously avoided the social church model in past generations.

Gary Gilly wrote in The Little Church Went to Market that the “new paradigm church” has a profound fixation on church growth and expansion. Gilly, pastor of Southern View Chapel in Springfield Illinois, noted this church growth movement relies heavily on cultural influences such as market-driven philosophies, psychology and entertainment to produce seemingly successful church and dynamic Christians.

Let’s be clear at the outset. There’s nothing wrong with church growth or mega churches per se. I applaud churches with ministries that bring young adults into the church. I question the current preoccupation with amusing message and superficial praise over Biblical instruction and true worship in an attempt to market the church to young adults.

“Many Christians have the misconception that to win the world to Christ, we must first win the world’s favour. If we can get the world to like us, they will embrace our Saviour. This is the philosophy behind the user-friendly church movement.” John F. MacArther (Reckless Faith)

The philosophy behind “user-friendly” and ‘seeker-sensitive” programs is having a profoundly negative affect upon many churches because a vast number of American Christians are simply not getting the foundation of Christian teaching that past generations considered essential.

Stick with me as I explore the areas we are being told to compromise and show where that might be a really bad thing.



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