Immorality as a Virtue   Leave a comment

Christians try to not conform to the world-spirit in areas of philosophy and theology. We resist the world’s interpretation and we should be commended for that.

Once we understand God’s truth, we must put it into action. True Bible-believing Christians must affirm the authority of Scripture, but we must also live on Biblical principle. We must walk the walk, not just talk.

It’s not enough for me to say I believe these things. Faith without action is stone cold. I must live according to Scripture.

Let’s be honest! The zeitgeist of my parent’s generation was a fake moral standard. People would teach their children not to murder, steal, and commit adultery, but then cheat on their business partners, affirm their government going to war against nations that weren’t threatening our national security, and read Playboy on the toilet.

By the 1960s, American children were rightfully calling their parents hypocrites.

Those affronted young people then rebelled against their parents’ fake morality with drugs, sex and riots in the streets that accomplished the goals they were aiming for. They then turned around and raised their own children without moral standards. Today’s generation has no moral standards in any absolute sense. We see it in the area of sexual morals. “Every human’s got to lust after somebody right now and if it feels good it can’t be wrong.”

Sexual morals are just the most obvious area, but there are examples in every aspect of morality.

Back in the early 20th century, the “robber barons” amassed huge amounts of wealth for themselves, but they also built libraries, hospitals, museums, and schools and endowed them for future generations, available for everyone to use. They understood that their wealth came in part from the honest efforts of others and they sought to give back to the community in a tangible way. Make use of what was available and any man could do well in society. This was how men like Wally Nickel and Ross Perot became wealthy themselves, though they came from humble means.

Today, our corporate “robber barons” take the money and run. Greed is now called corporate bonuses.

There was a time when men might take charity when they needed it and pay it back when times got better. Today, welfare recipients cheat on their paperwork and the long-term unemployed claim disability to keep receiving benefits.

IMAGE: Bong Hits 4 Jesus bannerStealing is commonplace. We just call it welfare now.

“We must cry for our present world because the idealists who have screamed so loudly (in the 1960s) against the falseness and hypocrisy of the (Greatest Generation) have ended up in an even worse position ….”* producing a generation who deems immorality a virtue.


*Francis Schaeffer, No Little People (1981)

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