Want to know what the EPA manipulation of the Pebble Mine permitting process has cost Alaska?

The Alaska Dispatch News ran a great article this weekend on it.

A year after Pebble, Iliamna Lake communities adjust to a new normal

Essentially, it’s gutted the economy of the area and left people who aren’t set netters or trawlers without any future.

Way to go, EPA and the Greenpeace-funded Bristol Bay Forever crowd.

State of Alaska — what are you going to do about it?



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  1. Fear is wonderful propaganda. Don’t forget the people themselves played a huge hand in this. Easily swayed by words and visions of the future, the belief that nothing good could come of a mine here clinched the deal for many who worry that pollution is the biggest byproduct of mining. For the purists who wish to remain and live only a subsistence lifestyle, the fact that these fisheries have been on the decline for many years is lost on the possibility that a mine of this size could negatively impact the resource in a different way. The resource has been impacted already, and the future of it for sustaining the region and community is dwindling. And then what? There’s that pet rock idea; how about pet mosquitoes? How about organic cosmetics, or eco-tourism? How about the select few who will actually find a way to produce income sufficient to support a family, schools, infrastructure. What about everybody else? No, with the loss of the Pebble Project, little lies ahead for those who need a way to exist in the region and support their families, pay the utilities, the freight for groceries and the cost of airfare in and out. The environmentalists have succeeded in shutting down development and then leaving the dirth of options to be dealt with by those left behind while they find another cause to champion. It’s disgusting how much impact BS has on the future, because these people, the very ones who decry progress vs tradition, will be the ones forced into the cities for lack of a means of supporting themselves in the bush. One way or the other, our government creates more teats for the populace to suckle from, the perfect way to control a population in days to come. Just wait: when the caribou give out, the fish no longer swim, and erosion takes the last home, people will finally see what’s been going on long before Pebble ever came on scene. If Alaska controlled Alaska, we’d be the richest piece of real estate in the union, but we’ve let outside interests come in and tell us what’s good for us. And as far as the Pebble Project itself, why is it we even let other countries in to develop our resources at all??

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    • So extremely true! We are America’s great frozen banana republic with just as much control over our destiny as the American colonies circa 1770. It’s tempting to say there’s a battle coming, but I expect the US will run out of money before Alaska grows a backbone, so the battle will end up being us trying to attract investment while fending off Russia or some other country (or three) from invading us.

      As far as other countries coming in to develop our resources — where’s the Alaskan money to do that? It’s similar to why we let the multinational oil companies in to develop the gas and oil. Ideally Alaskans would be doing it, but the megacorporations forced out the smaller developers and there’s just not enough money in private hands here to really develop the fields. Same with Pebble. It’s only economical if it’s pretty big, but nobody in Alaska has that kind of money.

      Now, if the State of Alaska would act like the resource corporation that it was structured to be instead of as a political body … that could change everything, because the State actually does have the money to develop the resources.

      Or … better yet, if they reduced the level of government to 1970 standards and gave the people the excess (and allowed us to pay taxes on the approximately $24000 annual dividend), NOW you’ve got Alaskans with the cash for investment operating in enlightened self-interest to develop OUR resources. The State becomes a collection and disbursement agency (could probably contract that out, actually) and the people actually own the resources.

      But THAT will never happen as long as we’re a colony of the United States.

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  2. Wow, two of my favorite Bloggers on one page. Excellent comments, both of you.


    • Tidelines and I just “met”. His comments were very cogent. These are issues Alaskans need to consider and discuss. We need to grow a backbone and stop studying things to death and have our officials stand up to the US government. The people of King Cove should have started building that road this summer, using chainsaws and sweat equity. When the Interior Department showed up to arrest them, they should have chained themselves to their equipment and refused to go, so that the State of Alaska could have come in on their side and arrested the Interior Department agents for overstepping their authority. But that doesn’t happen because … colonies are like battered women. They don’t remember a time when they could make their own decisions, so they don’t make their own decisions.

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