Shouting Across the Divide   2 comments

While checking up on one of my favorite voluntaryists, I can across an article about how conservatives and liberals no longer want to be neighbors. I was tempted to disbelieve the study. I have liberal neighbors and friends, so it’s not my experience, but then I read the comments. Ninety percent were from liberals who absolutely hate conservatives.

Okay, I don’t want to live next to bigoted ideologues who think I’m an idiot, crazy or scum of the earth. Who would want to expose themselves to that sort of abuse while at home?

And right there is exactly why this country is probably doomed. We can’t even listen to the alternative arguments. Why? Well, it might require that we look at facts rather than feelings. It could be we might have to admit we were wrong on some things. It could mean we might have to do something to fix the mess we’ve made of the country. And its could be we might need to learn the art of civility, agreeing to disagree, and exercise true tolerance, which means we accept the right of individuals to hold alternative viewpoints without attempting to silence those we disagree with.

Liberty — what a curious notion!

2 responses to “Shouting Across the Divide

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  1. Great post. I am a conservative disgusted with the establishment part of the party and made a sarcastic post that I might join the democrats: oh man did I stir up some folks. We need to get past petty loyalties and listen to many advisors


    • I’m a lifelong nonpartisan. My father was a an old-style Democrat, before the socialism and murdering of babies. He’d be appalled by the Democratic Party today. I suspect he’d change parties, if he were alive, because he’d be a progressive Republican by today’s standards

      May I suggest – membership in a political party is a personal stamp of approval of the party platform and actions. If your state allows you to register “no party” or undeclared, consider that.

      Here in Alaska almost 60% of voters are register undeclared/nonpartisan. The Republican Parry here is very corrupt and I would not ant my name associated with its shenanigans.


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