Trusting What You Have Experienced   Leave a comment

Rock climbing can be dangerous. Which is why rock climbers use ropes, cams and other equipment to keep themselves from dying.

The climber in this photo is doing something very risky. If any of his equipment fails, he may end up having a really bad day.

I don’t have his courage. I have done some rock climbing where the equipment was a safety measure that was not wholly needed, but the pictured climber is wholly trusting in the equipment and I am just not that brave.

But, I know people who would think the rock climbing I do is too dangerous. They don’t trust themselves, they don’t trust the rock, they fear heights … there’s plenty of reasons not to go vertical.

Martin Luther would have understood the rock climber’s faith. He faced persecution and death, but he trusted God to always be there at the end of his rope, confident that “a man could stake his life on it a thousand times.”

I believe in God because I’ve seen strong evidence for Him in the world and I’ve tested that evidence until I am confident that it holds up. I believe that Jesus Christ is God because I have a relationship with Him that is day-to-day. Because of that experience, I have faith. You may not understand why I am willing to risk your derision for what you consider to be a myth, but then many of citified commuter would think that rock climber is crazy. The climber has the experience with the equipment and rock to face the cliff with confidence, radically assured that he can defy gravity. I am confident that God exists and that He will keep His promises (Philippians 1:6; Galatians 5:10, II Peter 1:12).

I’d be willing to bet that if you make that sort of extreme rock climbing illegal (for the protection of the climbers, of course), the climber would still rock climb in the way depicted because he loves to do it, he knows it’s worthwhile, and he trusts himself and the equipment even if you do not.

In a similar way, trying to talk me out of believing in God and trusting Jesus for my salvation is just words into the wind, because faith is trusting what you almost know to be true and finding out that you were right.

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