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When you point the finger at someone, you should always be aware of the three fingers pointing back at you.

So when discussing the arrogance of atheists, it’s a good idea to judge yourself according to your own standard.

I’m proud to proclaim that I am a Christian, not because I’ve done anything to deserve salvation, but because God is worth bragging about. He created the universe, He made mankind in His image, He didn’t fry us to bacon bits when we screwed up His creation, and He loved us enough to step down into this messy cesspool we’ve created, spend 30-odd years hanging out with thiefs, liars and murderers, and then willingly died a horrific physical death so that He could take on the sins of every man, woman and child who has ever lived on this planet from creation to Judgment Day. Think about it! He took on the sins of Hitler, not because He thought Hitler was worth saving but because He thought you are worth saving.

Atheists will claim that Christians are arrogant because we think the universe was designed for us. It’s only arrogant if it’s not true and if it leads you to have a big head. Paul the apostle said, salvation is a great thing, but Christians have no room to boast because Jesus did it all and we just said “amen”.

The fact is that most of the atheists who annoy the snot out of you today are going to Hell. I don’t say that with glee. I weep for them. The anger and rebellion they hold so fast in their hearts will prevent them (most of them) from ever admitting that they are not the smartest people in the room and that God is and always has been more powerful than them. They would rather die than ask Jesus to forgive them of their arrogance of unbelief and anger.

And they will die. There’s only one unpardonable sin — to die without having accepted Jesus in faith. And after that — the darkness.

As a Christian I long to see others, including arrogant atheists, accept Christ and the Bible for the opposite reason that atheists carry out their mission. I want people to experience God’s love and forgiveness so that they will be freed from hatred and anger. Instead of lusting for the destruction of innocence and the persecution of the faithful, I long for the redemption of the lost, hurting and angry — most especially when they don’t deserve it.

Which is not to say I’m perfect. I struggle with my own human tendencies toward anger and I admit it. Surrendering my will to Jesus Christ replaced a good deal of that with peace and love, though I must continually renew it by submitting to Him on a daily and hourly basis.

The Bible cherry-pickers will insist that we’re not supposed to judge, but the Bible also says we will “know them by their fruits”. There is nothing wrong with evaluating the fruit of various worldviews and finding some of them wanting. When we evaluate the fruit of atheism and the fruit of Christianity, it’s obvious which one is based on murderous rage and blind arrogance. Atheism was responsible for 150 million deaths in the 20th century and that’s a conservative estimate for a philosophy that is less than one-twenthieth of the world population. Human arrogance has very little tolerance for difference or liberty and a penchant for genocide. The numbers do not lie about what spews from the heart of atheists when they’re in power.

Yes, I know about the Crusades. Do you? It’s another topic. Let’s not  look at the ancient history of nominal “christians”. That’s a rabbit chase to avoid the real issue.

I don’t think I’m better than atheists. We are all sinners before God. “There is no one who does good, not even one” (Romans 3:12). That includes Christians. If we do anything good, it is because we allow God to do it through us.

Does that sound arrogant?

Or does it contradict the assertions of atheists that Christians are arrogant?

Atheism looks down on those who are not atheists and judges them unworthy. Francis Collins should have been passed for the National Institutes of Health because he’s a theist, atheists say. Forget his truly remarkable credentials as a scientist and eliminate him from consideration because of his faith.

In calling atheists out on their arrogance and anger, however, Christians must be careful to recognize that our human nature is the same as theirs. We’re only different because we’ve been forgiven. We are not better than atheists and if we’ve thought we were, we should immediately and publicly repent of that false notion. We’re still flesh and blood and only God’s grace covers our uglier parts. Remember that in dealing with atheists and don’t match arrogance with arrogance.

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