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People get angry very easily. We have an inclination to defend ourselves and our presuppositions. The inclination evidences itself pretty early in life. Just try arguing with a preschooler about anything. And, it’s not substantially improved by the time we’re in our early 20s. Our 21-year-old daughter announced the other day that nuclear power is a horrible and that we should just get rid of it. When I asked what she thought we could replace it with, she informed me that “tungsten is a great source of energy”. Brad, the electrician, allowed that tungsten is a great conductor of electricity, but he had never heard that it could be used to produce energy. How dare we question her information and her generation’s commitment to making things better!

Yeah! Natural man gets angry very easily, especially when our unexamined presuppositions have been challenged.

My experience with many atheists (not all, I will say that up front) is that seething anger at God and Christians lies just beneath the surface of many of their erudite surface demeanor. But why?

A heart in rebellion is a cat on a hot tin roof. Most atheists come from at least nominal Christian homes. For most, the warm embrace of atheism begins in college as an intellectual exercise either because friends are doing it or because a charismatic professor advances the discussion. Even if the student wants to argue for faith, there are often serious negative consequences to face if they do, so they remain silent and soak in the intellectual arguments for non-faith. For many, there is no actual faith to deny. They honestly don’t know the tenets of Christianity and are unaware of the evidence supporting the Bible and they accept whole-hog the atheist non-factuals about what Christians believe, but moreover it feels good to rebel against parents, religious leaders and especially God. Intellectual pride puffs a person up and makes him feel important in the grand scheme of things. We all want to feel important, but the pervasive scientism of our day tells us that none of us really are, so finding a niche of pride in accomplishment by doing battle for the intellect is at least an existential benefit.

The enjoyable exercise soon becomes a crusade, not because they care about the world around them being ignorant, but because they themselves are deeply disturbed by their own rebellion, but refuse to acknowledge it. It’s not enough for many atheists to espouse their worldview and simply be irritated by Christians and any other religionists who happen into their pathway. No, they want to make others just as arrogant and angry, first because misery loves company and second because they feel vindicated if they can notch their belt with impressionable young people with some measure of faith in God. However, the greatest anger is reserved for those who actually believe in Jesus as Savior and in the Bible as God’s inerrant Word. We are an affront to them that must be removed from society or at least silenced, marginalized and humiliated.


Why would Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and other atheists so vehemently oppose a distinguished scientist like Francis Collins as head of the National Institutes of Health?

It wasn’t about scientific credentials, now was it? Collins’ credentials are much stronger than Dawkins in the same field. No, their objection was based on Collins’ theism, as if that somehow taints his science. Because the last thing a close-minded atheist can tolerate is anyone with the credentials to make scientific discoveries that might destabilize their presuppositions.


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