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The Markham Clan Research group

  • Bai – former master-degreed biochemist, current teacher/associate pastor
  • David – atheist/agnostic paleontologist
  • Lela – former reporter, current administrator, sometimes Sunday School teacher, blogger
  • Rick – research doctor, former agnostic, born again Christian

David’s primary interest is dinosaurs. I won’t get more specific than that because he’s got a career to be concerned about and questioning orthodoxy in today’s scientific world is as dangerous as questioning orthodoxy in Wittenberg in the 15th century. While our group has no expert in early homonids, prehistoric creatures like Neanderthal have figured prominently in our discussions.

The evolutionists tell me that fossil evidence and DNA research “prove” that man has evolved. Certainly that’s what gets out into the press, but that’s only one interpretation.

When the first skeleton was uncovered in 1856 in the Neander Valley of Germany, the difference in bone construction was explained by rickets or arthritis, but there was a strong movement in the early 20th century to call these fossils evidence of evolution. Still, in 1978, one of the leading authorities on Neanderthals, Erik Trinhaus of Washington University (which is where Rick works) concluded that there was nothing in the skeleton evidence to suggest that Neanderthals were inferior to modern humans in locomotion, manipulation, intellect or linguistic abilities. I remember reading about this in college in the 1980s.

In 2001, Science Magazine introduced the coexistence theory to the public. The admission that modern humans and Neanderthal existed at the same time and comingled was necessitated by recent fossil findings that put Neanderthals and modern man in the same place at the same time. Scientists dated the remains of anatomically modern humans from caves in Israel to around 92,000 to 100,000 years old, which placed modern humans earlier than Neanderthal skeletons found in neighboring (less than a football field) caves that dated 40,000 years later. David reports there was quite a lot of panic among the more atheist groups of paleontologists who had accepted the standard evolutionary view that Neanderthals were the dimwitted forerunners (or at least distant cousins) of humans.

How very inconvenient for that highly fanciful “Ascent of Man” artwork we were all raised to bow before!

I’m not a young earth creationist, so I don’t get all lathered by such discoveries. I accept the world is millennia old. I don’t need to defend the counting of the “begats” because I recognize the Biblical history prior to Abraham as a synopsis of a longer history. We really cannot assess time periods prior to Abraham.

Therefore, since my faith does not lie in counting begats, it is interesting to read about the research into the mitochondrial DNA of Neanderthal. By 1998, scientists had pretty much concluded that Neanderthal was not an ancestor of modern humans, but a proto-human species that failed the evolutionary experiment. Scientists have since suggested that modern humans and Neanderthals had several encounters with each other that resulted in a mixing of DNA – mating. In fact, there have been multiple burial sites found where modern humans and Neanderthals were interred together, providing strong evidence that they lived and worked together. In 1999, archeologist Randall White suggested the evidence pointed to Neanderthals just being people.

In other words, science had a theory that it has had to modify. That is what science is supposed to do and if scientists did not have presuppositions to defend, it would be a merely interesting bit of observation that Neanderthal turns out to be us. But some scientists, many of them actually, hope the public will simply shrug and not consider the greater implications, because that threatens their presuppositions.

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