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A Wise & Honest Arab Muslim Tells the Truth (Video)   Leave a comment

Interesting perspective from an interesting and courageous source!

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Christians, You are Invited to Join the Discussion   Leave a comment

I started a dialogue about when Christian beliefs run up against civil laws. The non-Christians who have joined me basically say get with their latest social contract and comply, violate your beliefs and all will be well.

I’d love to hear from some Christians. When do your beliefs take precedence over the laws of men and when would you be willing to go against society to obey God?

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The Love Chapter   Leave a comment

Another point in my current discussion. There is an assumption that a Christian who refuses to give approval to immorality must hate the sinner whose activity they are refusing to approve. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I tell you not to drink a particularly tasty but deadly poison, it is definitely not because I hate you. If I refuse to join you in drowning that poison, it means I’m wise to it’s effects, not that I wish you I’ll. I wish you knew what I know, but no, I’m not apologetic for trying to warn you.



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Calling Christians   Leave a comment

At what point would you be willing to take a principled stand in your everyday life for your faith?

What do you consider to be worth risking society”s anger in honor of God?

Weigh in!

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The Importance of A Cake   Leave a comment

What difference does it make? How would Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop have been harmed if he had simply ignored the clear fact that his customers were a gay couple and baked the cake? Alternatively, why couldn’t he have lied, said he was too busy and let Mr. Mullins and Mr. Craig continue in their delusion that everyone is now on board with homosexuality as a societal good?

Both scenarios would have required Mr. Phillips to violate God’s law – either by lying or by associating with sinful behavior – affecting his relationship with his Savior. To a Christian that relationship takes precedence over all others. We must obey God rather than men.

A historical example of this was First Night, when Romans and later rulers imposed their will on the sanctity of marriage by reserving the right to have sex with the bride on the wedding night. Christians refused because their view of marriage was different from that of the Roman authorities. Research St. Valentine for a fuller story, but the Romans really didn’t understand why Christians refused to comply. What was the big deal? How were the couples harmed? Get with society’s program, Christians! Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

No government official demand First Night today because Christians refused to comply and instead resisted assimilation.

Now, today, it is a cake. What’s the big deal? It’s just a cake! Society says sexual immorality is okay now. Just go along to get along and keep your beliefs to yourselves, Christians. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!

Today, it’s acake. Next year it may be the government telling my pastor that he must conduct homosexual wedding ceremonies. In a decade, it may well be that my church may be forced to hire an atheist as pastor because we are not allowed to discriminate and choose whom we will or will not associate with. We risk assimilation if we do not resist.

The time to set aside Romans 13 and take a principled stand on behalf of our faith has come, Christians! We must peacefully say “No, we will not comply when society says its agenda takes precedence over our faith. May be that stand will have nothing to do with baking a cake for a homosexual wedding, but Christians must decide if and when our beliefs must be more important to us than getting along with society.

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No Obama #Hashtag For Christian Woman Sentenced To Death In Sudan For Her Faith – Husband Says She Won’t Convert To Islam….   Leave a comment

This story is another example where statists impose their morality/immorality upon Christians because they presume our belief are not worthy to be practiced unless they approve them. Christians must be ready to die for our faith,but why don’t we start by simply standing up for it as Jack Phillips did in Denver?

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50 Ways to Build Resilient Wealth Before and After a Collapse   Leave a comment

Read the full article. Lots of great suggestions.

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Daniel Hannan Explains Why Socialism Does Not Work   Leave a comment

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Living proof…   Leave a comment

Living proof….

Examples from History   Leave a comment

Some Biblical examples of  obedience to authorities that was disobedience to God

  • Israel – submitted to her idolatrous kings  (2 Kings 17) and was sent into captivity for it.
  • Israel – obeying the laws of King Omri (Micah 6:16), rebuked by God


Examples of Godly disobedience from history

  • Peter Waldo formed a lay society of Anabaptists who refused to participate in the Catholic Church (12th century)
  • John Huss resisted the hierarchy of the Catholic Church (14th century)
  • Martin Luther disobeyed the Pope (15th century)
  • John Bunyan refused to take a government license to preach the gospel (16th century)
  • Pilgrims would not submit to the King of England (1620)
  • Robert E. Lee taught his slaves to read and write so they could earn a living upon their manumission – disobeying the laws of Virginia at the time.
  • Christians in the 1850s who disobeyed the Fugitive Slave Act
  • Christians like the ten Booms who refused to turn over their neighbors to the Nazi authorities
  • Civil rights protesters who marched peacefully through Selma even though they were told not go.

These believers took principled stands against the civil government.


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