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I am an unapologetic Christian. When God entered my heart, He transformed me utterly and permanently. Everything I do in my life more important than brushing my teeth, I do at the impulse of the Holy Spirit.

That commitment on the spiritual level orders all the spheres of my life, including my political philosophy. NOTE: I am not a Republican! I have never been a Republican! I don’t see that I will ever be a Republican!

Why? Because I don’t consider the GOP to be God’s political party. I find no Biblical evidence that God works through political parties and scant evidence that political parties are all that godly.

To the extent that my fellow Christians have embraced a political party (GOP, Democrat, Libertarian, etc.), I have to ask — do you think this political organization is somehow going to bring about God’s heaven on earth or are you spending needless energy on political machinizations that might best be used on God’s ministry?

When the “religious right” started to implode in GWB’s second term, I was somewhat relieved and here’s why. First, the Church universal is supposed to be about the Father’s work of the Great Commission rather than about the work of politics. In a society that values freedom of religion, the best Christians can hope for is the liberty to practice and promote what we believe in a free society. Unfortunately, that freedom has long been at risk, but instead of standing for liberty against civil and religious dictatorships of all kinds or turning away from politics to be about the Lord’s work, the American church in the last three decades has been busily engaged in attempting to take dominion over society for themselves. Believers have been taught by a slew of para-church organizations that they should hold positions of power and authority in society so they can stand for Christ in the public eye.

It sounded good at the time, but in climbing the ranks of civil authority, Christians politicians and many who supported them, became apostate. Apostasy means to drift away from God, to no longer represent Him, or to teach something other than what He communicated to us in His Bible.

An example?

Far too many modern Christians expect God to pave a way for us to be accepted in society.

Christians are doing something WRONG if we have broad acceptance in society, because Jesus Christ promised us in John 7 that we would be hated just for being His followers. Our beliefs should be a scandal to society and the idea of Christians being a ruling class in the United States ought to make non-Christians angry because that is a sign that we are serving God and not men.

Christians cannot expect preferential treatment in society. We must recognize that God will bless us for His sake, which means we will be reviled and persecuted just as His Son was.

We should not seek to be rulers. We should seek to be examples!

And examples for Christ will not look like the world and may at times have to stand in stark contrast from the world.

Christians, when are you willing to say no to the world?

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