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If the US did engineer the coup — and I think it’s highly possible that we did — it needs to be understood that many in western Ukraine supported the change in government and not because we told them they should. The Soviet Union starved 20 million Ukranians back in the Stalin Era in an attempt to prop up a lunatic economic system that eventually collapsed anyway. Western Ukranians have no love of Russia. Their desire to be more Eurocentric is perfectly understandable given that history.
That said, eastern Ukraine and Crimea is largely populated by Russians and may well want to be more Russo-centered. So let them while also allowing western Ukraine to turn to the west.
Why do we have such a problem with the dissolution of artificially-created countries composed of multiple ethnic groups that don’t like one another? Do we think civil war is preferrable to peaceful and voluntary partition?

Posted April 2, 2014 by aurorawatcherak in Uncategorized

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