Protect UA students’ First Amendment rights: Keep guns out of classrooms – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Community Perspectives   4 comments

Protect UA students’ First Amendment rights: Keep guns out of classrooms – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Community Perspectives.

This letter in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner just goes to show you that Alaskans are not immune to stupidity.

Terrance Cole is a university professor and his brother used to be editor of the News-Miner. I respect his opinion on history, but I’d challenge it if he was talking crap, so I have no problem with exercising my 1st amendment right in challenging when he’s talking crap outside of his field of expertise.

Yes, an armed society is a polite society. It’s one reason that Alaska does not have many driveby shootings, home invasions or muggings on the street. Our local criminals are constrained to selling drugs to willing idiots because the law-abiding among us are armed and the criminals know they could lose their lives messing with us.

For over a decade, it has been legal to carry concealed without a permit in Alaska. Professor Cole has probably had students in his class who were concealed carry and he didn’t even know it … which is really the point. If someone can tell if you’re concealed carry, you’re not doing it right. And, yet, if Prof Cole were honest, there are very few instances of Alaskans shooting one another over flying popcorn. I suspect the movie theater shooting had more to do with the shooter being a retired police officer than with the “inherent danger” of concealed carry.

I disagree with people a lot. I’ve never felt the desire to shoot anyone that I disagreed with. But I have the legal right to carry concealed and have. Clearly, people are capable of having conversations — even heated ones — without fear of being shot. Currently, people can carry concealed on campus at UAF and so long as they remain concealed nobody can say anything about it. And I know that people do because I know people who always go forth armed who are students at the university. Yet there are no examples of students shooting one another while in debate.

The fact is that our rights were not given to us by the Constitution, Prof Cole. The Constitution merely acknowledges the rights that are ours simply because we draw breath. That’s the meaning of “natural rights”, that they are inherent in our humanity, not subordinate to government or the wishes of our neighbors. Because they are natural and transcend the Constitution, they cannot be ranked. The 1st amendment is as important as the 2nd amendment and the 2nd amendment is as important as the 1st amendment.

When we start making distinctions we violate those rights. When we say

“You have a right to free speech/religion/assembly, except at certain times, places and manners”

then we are really saying

“You have no right to free speech/religion/assembly, but we will permit you to occasionally express your opinion until such time as we decide you can’t and then we will shoot you in the head.”

The same goes for the 2nd amendment. By deciding that it’s appropriate for citizens to bear arms only at certain times, places or in certain manners, we essentially say that bearing arms is not a right, but a privilege that the government will grant you when it deems it appropriate and take away when it decides to.

That’s a recipe for tyranny!

Tragedies like Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and others could have been avoided had there been lawfully carried guns already on the premises when the shooters turned up. Clackamas Mall, New Life Church in Denver, the New Destiny Church also in Denver (what is it with Colorado?) — these are examples were armed citizens stopped what would have been mass shootings. The situation you want is the “weapons free zone” where the only armed person is the shooter intent upon killing a lot of people. The lack of defensive weapons adds to the body count.

So, there are three arguments against what you are saying. The practical argument is that an unarmed student body makes more amenable shooting practice. The civility argument is that there are already lots of concealed carry going on without your knowledge and nobody is shooting anyone. The constitutional argument is that natural rights cannot be infringed by the government.

The University of Alaska is a State agency and the state and federal constitutions say the government may not infringe upon our natural rights. That should be all you need to know and, you know what, in the end, acknowleding the right of citizens to bear arms on their own property (which is what the University of Alaska is — my property, your property, etc) won’t make the least bit of difference in your safety until a madman with a gun comes into the classroom intent upon piling up the bodies and some student who doesn’t want to be a victim pulls his lawful weapona and saves your life.

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  1. Another fantastic article. I particularly liked how you pointed out the uselessness of a limited “right” how in that case it is not a right at all, but rather a privilege that has been gracefully bestowed upon you by those in the government.


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    I wrote this some time ago, but I think now is an appropriate time to revisit it.


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