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Obviously, I don’t think not voting is going to get us where we want to go. I don’t buy the argument that the government in control of the land is not going to have an effect on the people who live in the land. Sorry, but my anarchist friends are wrong on this point.

What they say is that most of the time, the people living day-to-day lives in whatever country never interact with their government, so what does it matter if it’s a communist or a socialist or a capitalist government because you just live your life without a need for a state and it won’t affect you.


How is that working out for these people who want to live without a state in the United States right now? Have you noticed you need the government to permit you to do things? If you don’t have a permit to, say, build a house, just watch what happens when you try to build that house. If you need a license to drive a car, just watch what happens when you are caught by the police driving a car without a license.

I’m not saying that is how it should be. It’s reality that the government we have currently affects all of our lives in complicated and mostly impossible to avoid ways.

So you do away with the state so you don’t have to have a driver’s license or get a permit to build a house.

And, then????

Politics abhors a vacuum almost as much as nature does. A stateless society is ripe to be taken over by another state, either arising from the citizenry or coming from another country. The countries the United States of America owed will likely consider that debt still owed by the former citizens of that country … unless you plan to move somewhere else, which I don’t. You can expect the UN to agree with our creditor states, so another government is taking the place of this one if we do away with it. That’s reality, like it or not!

Now, for grins, let’s suppose that our three largest creditors divide up the nation to get a return on their investment. China, Japan and the Europe zone divide us up, start mining our resources and dusting off our mothballed factories and building new ones. You don’t think they’re going to demand that the people of the former United States (essentially squatters in our own country) get off our rusty-dusties and get to work in the new factories working for slave labor wages? Of course they are. The Europeans and Japanese may feel slightly guilty about it, but then someone will point out that the United States did much the same to them after World War II. Oh, yeah, we provided them with lovely incentives and they’ve reaped great benefit from those, but the fact is that when a nation owes a great debt to other stronger nations, the people of the debtor nation have to work to pay it off.

Now turn your attention to China – our primary creditor. The Chinese do not have a history of treating their conquered neighbors with love and equality. In fact, ask the people of Henan province if they are granted anything approaching freedom of religion. What happens if you criticize the government in China? Yeah, there’s no freedom of speech either. Are you afforded a fair trial? Rarely.

Do you think they’re going to treat us any differently than they have treated their own? Probably not. If you’re a freedom-loving anarchist type who attends a church or speaks on the radio about what you believe, you will be the first they come for because the Chinese do not and never have valued liberty.

So, yes, the state that replaces this state will matter to you just as much as the current one does.

I don’t like this current state. Our government is out of control and has become oppressive, but when I look at the alternatives ….

Politics abhors a vacuum almost as much as nature does. Are we sure we want to risk creating one?

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