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I think we can all agree that the United States government is not working for us anymore. That makes me sad and scared because what replaces it is an unknown. My feeling about human nature is that we got lucky once. We can’t expect that to happen again. If we toss the US Constitution entirely, the vacuum will be filled and what fills it will not be to the liking of most freedom lovers.

But how do you save a nation that is determined to spend itself into oblivion and whose political leaders seem completely unable or unwilling to make the tough choices to get rid of the administrative state and the bureaucratic overburden that is destroying the country.

What is the solution? Dictatorship! To preserve the United States of America, we need an Abraham Lincoln to win the next election – a man or woman willing to force a set of tough decisions upon us.

Ooo, you didn’t expect me to say that. It’s reality. I’m not in favor of it, but it is what we’re left with. You could try to educate the populace about liberty, fiscal responsibility and the value of long-term strategic thinking over short-term rewards, but that would require a cultural shift spanning at least two generations. We don’t have that much time.  The collapse is coming and we may be so lucky as to survive it without being enslaved by a foreign dictatorship.

Democracy does not work because the majority are short-sighted and self-serving and even a constitutional republic will eventually crash-land if democracy grabs hold of the controls.  My anarchist friends would say we should throw away the concept of representative democracy completely. A nation of sovereign citizens could operate in a completely different mindset based on personal responsibility. We don’t need a federal government, they would say. National defense could be coordinated among the states and everything else could be done by the states.

I don’t think they’re entirely wrong, but I also think they’re somewhat naïve. We don’t live in the 1780s when it took months for the British fleet to cross the Atlantic. Today’s armies can arrive in hours. Local militias with their weapons stored in their homes are not going to stand up to fighter jets scrambled in Asia. That doesn’t mean they won’t come into play for defending ourselves when the economy does, inevitably, collapse and the federal government becomes a toothless appendage once more dependent upon the states. I just don’t think they’re up to the reality of modern warfare. I also don’t think that 50 governors acting as ambassadors to different nations is going to provide us with much diplomatic stability. I think we’re going to need something a little bit more coordinated than that.

Remember, we’ve been here before. The Articles of Confederation did not work. Let’s learn from that mistake and not repeat it. We have a constitution that worked in the past. Shed of the encumbrances of the administrative state, it might just prove its resilience – if we give it a chance. More likely, though, given our folly so far and the lack of education in the populace we’re going to go the way of another republic – Rome, that eventually was taken over by a dictator and managed to hang on for a couple of centuries before it collapsed entirely.

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4 responses to “A Solution … But a Poor One

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  1. Dictatorship. Anarchy. Authoritarianism. Libertarianism. Force. Freedom.

    No, these things don’t belong together. One will not lead to the other. Those cultural shifts you speak of need to happen as cultural shifts… not as government force. But I do believe you are very much on to something. You realize correctly that the cultural shift you’re interested in seeing will never happen naturally. Our culture is, and always has on the whole, shifted towards liberalism. Sure, we have peaks and valleys, but the respect for the outdated traditions of our ancestors based on underdeveloped past societies, both culturally and scientifically, constantly competes with reality as we come to understand it better and better every generation. While I aspire to adopt an attitude that welcomes change and tolerates uniqueness, if I hold on to my current beliefs about specific policies and cultural attitudes… I will be labeled a conservative in a hundred years time. That is progress. That is good. I have hope that I will be willing to step outside of my comfort zone (assuming I live to be a hundred!) enough to not fall back on absolutes about policy and social expectations, but if I do, more power to the liberals of tomorrow for not letting society fall into dictatorship just to keep things comfortable for my conservative mind, while the rest suffer the reality of my mental ease.


    • Our culture has always been slanted toward LIBERTY, not liberalism as it is currently connoted. If you look at the history of America, government being a major force in the society is pretty new. It had its genesis in the late 1910s and only really got going in the 1930s.

      And, I beg to differ with your interpretation of progress. The growth of government that takes away the liberties of the people is the exact opposite of progress. Just because the freedoms YOU treasure have not been impacted YET, doesn’t mean they won’t be.

      And, it is not conservatives who are pushing for the coming dictatorship. You need look no further than the current occupant of the White House if you want to see a dictatorship being built. Not that I’m saying Obama will be the first dictator of the United States, but he is certainly working in that venue with his unprecendented number of executive orders, his end-runs around Congress and his insistence that citizens who disagree with him are somehow not acting like Americans. He’s not the most dictatorial president we’ve ever had, but he’s up there in the top 10.


      • Obama is a center-right politician on a good day.


      • Oh, Brandon, if Obama looks like a center-right politician to you after ramming ObamaCare down the throats of the American people (who still consistently poll in the 60s as opposed to it), you must be a flaming socialist.

        Obama is far to the left of center. He’s in the same came as Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton was a centrist with a liberal-progressive wife who had too much influence in the Oval Office, if you need a point of comparison in your life time.


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